Dealing with Disappointment

I was chosen for a weight loss competition.  I was going to kill it.  I was chosen as one contestant out of hundreds that applied.  I was one of three chosen.  I was chosen and then I was disqualified.

The specifics don’t necessarily matter.  I was disqualified because I had already been losing weight through this particular program for a few weeks now.  They disqualified me because I would have gotten a “head start” on the program and it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants.  I thought I would have a disadvantage because most weight is dropped the first week.  Oh well.  They didn’t let me compete.

I was disappointed.

I didn’t really know how disappointed I was until I had time to process the rejection.

At first I was thankful.  Competition makes me super stressed.  I was thankful I wasn’t going to put my body through some mega stress.

Then, I was going to compete anyway.  I was going to virtually compete.  I was going to see how much weight I lost against the three people who actually got the chance to compete.

Then, I was sad.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been so honest with them and maybe I shouldn’t have told them that I had already started the weight loss program.  Maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut and see what happened.

But, when it was all said and done, it was for the best.  Do I know why it was for the best…nope.  Do I trust that God has a plan and for some reason I was NOT supposed to compete?  For sure.  Am I disappointed?  So much.  Did I have a little bit of a pity party and say screw it and eat some things I wasn’t supposed to eat…I did.

So, where do I go now?  What is my plan of action because I can’t continue to dwell in self pity and disappointment because that will just lead to a downward spiral of weight gain and more disappointment.  The BEST thing to do would be to use it as fuel to do better and be better…but I don’t really tend to do that.

Life is like a Camera

The best thing to do is carry on.  Carry on like it never happened.  Do what you do.  Be who you are.  Focus on your future and what you want and just carry on.

I heard this quote many years ago and it has stuck with me…”If you give up on your goal because of a setback, it is like slashing the three other tires on your car when you get a flat!”

I WILL NOT slash the other three tires.  I gained weight last week but I will not let that be my trend.  I will get back on track and focus and NOT let this disappointment make me spiral out of control.

Stay tuned for a weekly weigh in from this week and also more specifics on what plan I have chosen to do…that post is long overdue!

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.