Day at a Time December

I have decided I am going to take December a day at a time.

It might even be necessary to take it a minute or an hour at a time.

Weight loss is hard. It is so difficult that many people who try, fail. Then they try again and fail again. And for those people like me, they try sometimes five and ten times and fail all of those times.

Weight loss is hard.

I think we can make weight loss easier by taking this thing one day at a time.

I think what some of us need to do is focus on whatever day we are on with the hopes of being successful that day. If we blow it, oh well. We have a new day in less than 24 hours where we get to try again.

I think I have been looking too much at the big picture. I know I make monthly goals which is great but I also need to make daily and weekly goals.

So…for the month of December, I am going to sit down at the end of every day and re-evaluate the day/the day before. If I blog that day, I will certainly share that evaluation with you.

So…let’s take a look at my day Sunday, shall we? I made a good choice for breakfast when I had pumpkin pie oatmeal. Made up the concoction myself – not sure if I liked it!

I then hopped on the treadmill for a nice 3 mile walk while I watched last week’s Revenge on the ipad. Yes, I love that show.

We then went to my sister’s house to celebrate my nephew’s bday and my husband’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Jason and Hampton!

I really love both of these guys so much!

The Two Birthday Boys

Jason was threatening to blow out Hampton’s candles so he was all worried!

I ate well at my sister’s house except for the cake. Oh – MY- gosh. The cake was so good. It was worth however many points plus it was.

I guess I really thought so because I had some more for dinner that night. But, I only had one piece of pizza to go with it so that’s ok.

Overall, the exercise counterbalanced the eating but since I didn’t track, I don’t REALLY know!

Last night, I was off to my Weight Watchers meeting for a reality check. I was expecting a gain. However, I was excited to hear all about the new Weight Watchers 360. I will let you know what it is all about.

Stay tuned…

How do you feel about taking it one day at a time? Does that feel feasible?

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  • Julie Prince Pare

    Love this idea…just what I needed to hear right now!

  • jeri

    -i totally agree. it’s hard to look at today, or how far you’ve come, when you have so much further to go. my boss always says look at the gap – look at how far you’ve come, instead of always looking at the horizon.

    -i try to live by the ‘one day at a time’ mantra, although it’s so hard. :( that’s one of AA’s mantras, and since that is unfortunately what my family knows more than we ever wanted to know about, that is the filter i’m trying to view my weight loss through. thanks for your post, jennifer!!

  • Melanie Smith

    Hang in there! I am having a hard time moving back into my correct points range. So, my goals for this week are to track every day and go to my stroller classes and C25K group runs. Next week I will worry about getting my points back in the right range.

  • dietingtobeaskinnybitch

    I was just thinking about this today. Thinking about where i want to be 6 months from now and how taking one day at a time will impact where i am at in 6 months.

  • Libby Dillard

    Weight loss IS hard! It is slow and you get done with one day and you have to do it again the next, and the next and the next! I sometimes am overwhelmed when looking at the big picture….one day (sometimes one hour) at a time is easier for me. Just like breaking down my weight loss into 5lb goals. I have been lazy about my tracking and I hate that because I know when I track I am successful…going to commit to tracking EVERYTHING for one day, and do it again the next and the next, etc.

  • Kathryn Siebe McMillan

    Great post – so glad I found your blog from facebook! I really needed to think about weight loss as one day as a time. It is hard to lose weight and it is especially hard during the holidays so taking it one day at time makes it manageable and not overwhelming. Thanks!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    You are so spot on. Looking at the big picture is intimidating and frankly terrifying! But if you make those goals into every day, this is so much more manageable.

    I am excited to hear what you think of WW360! I gave a run down on my blog yesterday.

    You can do it!

  • NeverEverBeenSkinny

    I think its an important idea to do 1 day at a time. Its the only way I don’t get over-whelmed with what I need to get done. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Jamie

    I think I need to start doing that too…I am working out like crazy and eating well but at WW this week the scale went up a little and even though I KNEW it wasn’t fat, it still made me mad. There are things I know I’m making progress on but I just don’t FEEL like I am making progress fast enough. It’s hard not to focus on 50 or 100 pounds from now, rather than focusing on just tomorrow or next week. Definitely hard to not be impatient!

  • Irene Pradyszczuk

    Very excited to find your blog! I too joined Weight Watchers in 2009 (November) – weighing in at 257 (although my highest was almost 270). My weight loss has been slow…I had a great weigh-in 2 weeks ago where I was down to 186, but this past week I went up 8.5 lbs (my body will sometimes do that 1-2 weeks before my period…and of course not being consistent with the program didn’t help things either…let’s not kid here!!!) I usually don’t weigh in on those “heavy” days, but I had missed the week before and I knew I had to face the music.

    My mantra has always been “one day at a time”…and I keep telling my WW buddies the same. If you screw up today – tomorrow is another day – no harm in starting over…! I look forward to reading more of your posts and have liked you on FB :) :) At this point my goal is 180…may sound high but I’ll be 49 in I’m trying to keep it real..and if I can get into a size 12 – that’s good enough for me!

  • Meghan

    I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m down 20 pounds with WW but this time of year is so hard. I love your one day at a time approach:)