Where to Begin?

Happy New Year!  I know it’s March but I haven’t “spoken” to you since last year.  WoW!  I won’t apologize.  I can’t.  There is no possible way I could blog and figure out life with a newborn.  I mean, I guess there was a way but it wasn’t happening for me.

In fact, I considered giving up the blog.  We pay out way more money to have this blog than I take in and without me writing, what was the point.  Then, the hubs and I had a conversation and I realized I NEED this blog.  Especially in my current weight status…more on that later!  So, here it is.  Still up and running and here I am writing after several long months of being MIA.

My life is completely and utterly different.  For those of you that are parents…you get it.  For those of you that aren’t…just wait.  You will get it.  How is it possible that this little, 11.5 pound baby now, can completely dictate my life?

Newborn Photo Shoot Jen and Delaney

But, she does and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The holidays were wonderful.  I spent them with family and hanging out at home.  It was heaven.  I returned to work in January and that was hard.  I am so thankful that she gets to spend Monday’s with her Mimi and I have a wonderful lady who is keeping her the rest of the week, but, it is not me so it is hard.  Luckily I love my job or I don’t think I could do it.  Delaney has adjusted well to our “new normal!”  This baby is resilient I tell you!  Let me tell you about Delaney for a minute…

Like I said earlier, she weighs 11.5 pounds.  We go for a weight check every month to make sure she is gaining like she is supposed to.  She is doing great.  She doesn’t have any of the symptoms a lot of preemies have and we are so thankful for that!  Doctor’s orders are for her to stay home as much as possible until Spring so she has not met a lot of people.  Her first restaurant outing was this past week when we celebrated my sister’s birthday and she did great!  We were outside on a heated patio so we could keep her away from people and germs.  Here she is with the birthday girl…

Katherine and Delaney

Here she is with my oldest niece, Haleigh.

Haleigh and Delaney

Of course, her dad had to photo bomb.  Speaking of dad, Jason is an amazing father.  Growing up with a younger sister, I knew he would be.  Delaney loves to fall asleep in daddy’s arms in her nursery, in the rocking chair.  This is actually her while I type this…

Delaney Sleeping

Safe in her daddy’s arms.

Delaney is doing great and thriving and we could not imagine our life without her!  She is our gift from God.  She loves baths, cuddling, and smiling and just recently started belly laughing.  She is truly one of the happiest babies I have ever met!  And, look how cute she is?!?!?

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Cassie Connelly Photography.  If you are in the Atlanta area, you simply MUST use her!  She spent several hours with us and was so patient.  We got some amazing shots!

I will start with our favorite picture…

Newborn Photo Shoot Funny Hat

You have no idea what magic it took to get this one!

Our family…

Swafford Family Newborn Photo Shoot Jason

More of my favorites…

Delaney Smirking Rose Headband Rings on Toes Lace pants Newborn Photo Shoot Baby Newborn Photo Shoot Baby's Face Newborn Photo Shoot Holding the Baby Newborn Photo Shoot Delaney Monogrammed Diaper Newborn Photo Shoot Delaney Hand Falling Newborn Photo Shoot Delaney Bible Verse

Didn’t she do a great job?

So, as you can imagine, this baby has rocked our world.  I haven’t felt like cooking and when I get home from work, I am exhausted.  Eating out, fast food, constantly leads to major weight gain.  Like, major.  I weigh now what I did when I gave birth to Delaney.  Not good.  I feel bad about myself, I look fat again, I don’t fit into any of my clothes and I am not living my best life.  I have to do something and I have to do something fast!

Another big event that happened in my life over the past few months is my brother got engaged!  I will be in his wedding in June so that is another reason why I need to do something fast!

I made a major decision in my weight loss journey and I will share it with you in the next post!  I promise I won’t leave you hanging for the next few months.  I need to share with you what weight loss “program” I decided to do and the decision might shock you…or not.  Just wait and see.

Which program do you think I went back to?  Leave your guess in the comments and then look for my post later this week!  Oh, did anyone out there actually miss me?!?!?

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