Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox

Arden's Garden Two Day DetoxIt is day one of my Arden’s Garden two day juice detox.  This is my third time since the competition began that I have done this particular juice fast.  I am hoping this round will be easier due to the fact that I haven’t eaten much except protein, fruits, and vegetables this past week.  This morning has not been difficult and I have not had a headache like I did last time.  The taste has somewhat grown on me.  I definitely prefer it ice cold and NOT room temperature.  I have not been using the bathroom this time either.  I am guessing that is because there really isn’t much in my belly to flush out. I am still feeling productive so the lethargic effects have not arrived yet. I sure hope this takes a few more pounds off before my final weigh in on Friday!  My weight was very good this morning but not to where I think it needs to be to win.    I will keep you posted on how my day goes on.

8:03 p.m.-  So tonight I am feeling pretty good.  My husband’s pizza he had for dinner smelled delicious and I probably should not be watching all of these cooking shows but so far, no desire to eat the fridge.  I have not had any headaches today and my energy level has been pretty good until tonight.  I just feel very sleepy and like I could go to bed and it is only 8:00.    I am hoping I sleep like a rock and wake up ready for day number two!

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