A Story Of Disappointment – Extreme Weight Loss

Do you know the show that is on right now called Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition?

Here is my story about how I was almost casted for the next season:  Season 4.

Some of the casting directors contacted ItSuxtoBeFat because they had read the blog and knew it was a weight loss blog and that it is based in the Atlanta area. They were having a casting call in Atlanta for their show, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, and wondered if my sister would put an announcement about it on her blog. Then, they happened to mention if she had any personal recommendations for people to be on the show, they always love those too.

My sister jumped at this opportunity because she really likes this show. She said she did have someone very special that she wanted to recommend and told them all about her sister-me.

They went back and forth emailing. They wanted to know more about me, they wanted pictures of me, I had to fill out an online application. Apparently they liked everything that I sent them and filled out because we got Front of the line passes, meaning we didn’t have to wait in line at all!!

Back in April was the day of the casting call. The line was out the door and around the building and people were complaining that they had been on their feet in line waiting for a couple of hours. I walked by everyone up to the front lady and she called someone from the show to mark me off the list. He was very thankful that my name was on the VIP list. A lot of people with passes had not been on the list because you could win them off the radio and that kind of thing.

When I saw these people waiting, all I could think was how sad this was. There were some really big people waiting, and I mean, I felt small and almost out of place. A lot of them were just…. big.

I got to go up with the next group after waiting down stairs for just a few minutes and I came to find out later a lot of people started complaining about me after I left because they had been waiting hours and I just walked in and walked up. Once we got upstairs we waited for a long time to go in.  I had the chance to fill out the paperwork about myself. We got to meet Rachel Oliver who happened to be there. She was on the very first episode of the very first season. She was super friendly.

Rachel Oliver Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

While waiting we got to know the people around us. Very few of them were from the Atlanta area. One of the girls had traveled 10 hours just to come to the casting call. Many were from different states, all there for the same reason. To try and get a call back for another interview. That was our goal at this stage in the game.

Once in the interview room there was an angled table with chairs for everyone to sit and it was a group interview. The interviewer was very friendly and just started by asking everyone the same questions and hearing everyone’s answers. A lot of the people in the room (there were 8 of us) had very sad stories and were crying and just sad. I tried a different approach to their sad stories. I decided at that minute to have a very upbeat personality and let my eyes shine as much as possible. I wanted to stand out from the rest.

After about 30 minutes of a question and answer session she had a talk about loving yourself to help you lose weight and that everyone had it in themselves to do this even if they didn’t get a call back because not many people were getting called back in. I left there thinking it would be a long shot to get a call back and I absolutely had no idea what they were looking for. I guess if they were looking for a sad story they would choose others from my group and if they were looking for someone up beat and positive they might call me back in.

My sister and I left to go back to my parents house and were sitting on the couch telling them a little about what happened in the interview when my phone started ringing. It had been less than an hour since my interview and a California number was calling me on my phone.


It was one of the casting directors and she said that they loved me and they were wanting me to come back in for an on camera interview. I had made it to the next stage in the casting, an individual, on camera interview. It would be 2 days later. I had to fill out some paper work that they sent me and they fed me questions from my answers to those questions.

I feel like that interview went really well. It lasted around an hour and did some video of me and filmed my weight. She sent me an email that I was moving on to the next and final stage of casting. I just knew I was going to be on the show. I got the email and it was a long list of things that I had to do. They needed a video of “A day in the life of Katherine.” What I may eat or do in a day. They had a long 27 page background check. Another two pages of questions. A letter to Chris Powell. A bio form to fill out about myself. It all took me about a week to get together and get emailed in.

I knew that I did everything that I possibly could do to get on this show. I left it in God’s hands. Multiple times through this process, I prayed and said “God, if this is your will, I know you will make it happen. If I am not suppose to do this show, please don’t allow it to happen”. I prayed this many times during this process. The whole thing was kind of stressful. You don’t want to spend all of the time it takes to do all of this and not get picked for the show.

The last thing they said to me when I left the on camera interview was that they wanted me to go out and over the next couple of months they want me to lose weight. They want to see if I was committed to the process of losing weight. The show might contact me if they have questions. I will hear from them if I make it, if I don’t hear anything, I didn’t make the show.

I just knew I was going to make this show. I had the perfect job for it. My kids were a little older now and it was time to focus on myself and get me healthy. What better way than to have this show to do and have all of this support?

Well, I have not heard one single thing since I turned in all of my stuff the beginning of May. As the weeks went on, my disappointment started growing. As this new season started on t.v. my disappointment grew even more. Then it happened. Last Friday. My sister stuck the knife into my heart and told me that they had a picture of the new cast of season 4 on Facebook and that they had already started filming.

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Season 4

She so did not want to break the news to me. She was hoping that I would have seen it for myself on Facebook. I didn’t. It was all that I could think about all day. What could I have done differently? What could I have said differently? What did these people have that I didn’t? Why not me? And many more questions like that.

Then it hit me, it wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t in God’s plan for my life. I don’t know why and I will probably never know why. But I am still sad about it. Once again, I have been rejected. It doesn’t feel good.

The good thing is that I have my eating plan to fall back on and my family is always here for me. Even when no one else is. I am at the beach this week and having a great time and getting my mind off of this rejection.

The other good news is I lost 2.4 pounds this week and 16.4 pounds are gone forever. I will get over this disappointment. Life will go on and I like the direction that I am headed in right now. I am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing for the time being. I am now going to go and finish the week off with my family at the beach, on my eating plan, still losing weight. I am not going to let this disappointment get to me and gain weight. I am in a better mind set than that.

Next week, I will reveal how my vacation went and let you know what all we did.

How do you handle disappointment? Do you turn to food or something else?

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  • jessiekay77

    Don’t be discouraged. I know you will meet your goal! :)

  • Pam Holmes

    You can do it ALL BY YOURSELF! But you’re really not alone, you have the
    support of everyone here at the blog and as a 175-lb. loser who did it
    alone (with Spark and my blog there), I know how much that Internet
    support helps. Even now, over two years into maintaining my loss (after
    being morbidly obese for 30 years), I visit Sparkpeople.com every single
    day to stay motivated. It truly is a lifestyle change, but it is so
    worth every single thing you have to give up, because you get your life

  • Angela Jennings

    Rejection is extremely painful and I think, for me, being a bigger person amplifies the rejection. I end up turning it into something about me…like you said…was there something else you could’ve done, etc. I end up using it to make myself feel extremely down on myself and I’m learning to (or tryin to learn) how NOT to let rejections define who I am as a person.

  • Elizabeth

    You are already making good choices on your own and moving on from the show’s rejection. As someone else mentioned, sparkpeople.com is a good site for recipes and motivation. You can do it! Just take it one day at a time and forgive yourself when you make bad choices and move forward :)

  • Erica

    Wow! I can’t imagine going through that entire process and then not end up getting chosen. You definitely have the right attitude though. God knows what’s best for you, and being in His will is what’s most important. My husband’s job is changing and if he get’s this promotion we’ll make a bit more money, if not, he’ll make the same but be forced to work over nights and do a lot of traveling. In my head it’s an obvious choice, he has a young family, he needs this promotion. Instead I have to sit back and trust that God has our backs and will put us on the path he sees fit. Anyway, I think you’re doing awesome!

  • Toni

    I’m inspired by your post. There are so many cool things out there for us to do and have. But when we get ourselves to a place if neutrality (non-attachment) all kinds of amazing things start to happen. At the end of the day, all we really need is our self.

  • Cathy

    My heart hurts after reading and knowing the disappointment. I follow your blog and am on my own weight loss journey.

    You asked, what do you turn to when disappointed? Mine is not so much disappointment but being bored and home alone while trying to live the single life in a small town. I am currently on track to become a leader for Weught Watchers and know that I need to be a role model. So, tonight after reading your post, I sit here bored, not tired, and wanting to eat…simply because it is something to do. Tonight, I breathe. And pray. And breathe. And wait.

    Tomorrow, I hope to do the same.

    Keep up your journey. One step forward every day. It didn’t happen overnight, it won’t come off overnight. But it will come off! Praying you are encouraged by those who read, understand, and know.

    • Karen

      Well said! It helps to know others living the same type of life I live. Thank you!

    • Vanessa9992

      Yes, Well said Cathy! I too am a single woman, trying to live the best life I can. However, the thought of going home to an empty home night after night sends me into an emotional frenzy, which manifests itself into binge eating. I try and pray through it, but sometimes prayer just isn’t enough.

      I am encouraged every time I read these blogs though!


  • Steffon Holmes

    Hey I’m sorry about your disappointment, you have the right mindset. I just found out about this 90-Challenge that I’m doing to tone up, I got my mother on it it’s been 1 week and she’s went from 327 to 315!! and this is only her first week of the 90-Day Challenge http://holmes2546.bodybyvi.com/ Check it out

  • anna2556

    I use to deal with disappointment with massive amounts of food. I live alone, so there was never anyone to look at me aghast or tell me what I was doing was unhealthy. So I’d rent some movies and sit down to a couple of pizzas, some buffalo wings, and an entire 2 liter of Coke. Now I brood for a little while and then get out of my head by getting out of my house. It doesn’t matter whether I go to the gym to work out the frustration on the elliptical or just walk around the block with my dogs. It just feels good to not be stagnant. Oh, and then I come home and read trashy romance novels. Well, you did ask. ;)

  • Mary Davis

    I have always dealt with disappointment, stress and most negative occurrences by eating and eating and eating. I am now using the Eontu diet and am steadily losing weight. Reading other people’s stories really helps and it helps to know that I am not the only one who deals with things by using food for comfort. This diet is helping me no end and not having to attend groups with people staring and discussing how much they have lost is a dream.There is a lady on the Eontu site doing a blog which is really helpful to me. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading and being spurred on by you and other people struggling to lose weight.

  • MeMe

    At the very least, they should have told you something. So wrong in so many ways.

  • Aileen Diaz

    congratulation that you are takings steps to change your life and beat your food addiction, im happy to read that you are loosing some weight. i saw this program and is not a easy thing. I believe that will be very stressful for you,now you can loose weight in your own speed with no one pushing you. I really recommend you to read about clean eating, and start to visit the gym. you will see how quickly the change will come, you need also to found a support group. I found my in instagram.this most be a commitment with your own self. wish you the best luck in your journey

  • Dawn

    I can’t imagine they could call back the hundreds of thousands of people who try out. Also, as I have been told, you need to lose 30 or more pounds in those months they give you to show your commitment. If they expect people to lose 100+lbs in the first 90 days with help, you need to lose 30 or so lbs in a few months to show you’re capable of doing it.