2015 Yearly Theme

Thank you God for a new year.  A fresh start.  A second chance.  Another opportunity to get it right.

This is the beginning of anything you want

I have been thinking a lot about how I want to approach this year.  I do not know what the year holds.  I do not have control over the things I do not have control over (hello obvious!).  But, one thing I do have control over are my choices.

I decided I will have a theme for this year.  Let me talk a little bit about it and let’s see if you can guess what my theme is.

The next year is made up of 365 days.  Since today is pretty much over, 364.  Those days are going to go by.  As long as we all live through this year (lord willing), the days are going to go by.  Each year is made up of individual months, then weeks, and then days.  I feel like weight loss is simply one thing.


It is a series of choices, good or bad, that make up your day/week/month/year.   Those choices build upon one another and make your days/weeks/months successful or not successful.

It is all about choices.

For me, the theme of my year is…


That’s it.  I am going to make a series of choices each and every day that put me where I want to be when I get to the end of 365.

I will continue to make monthly goals and try to do a better job making at reaching them than I did last year.  I will make lots of short term goals to keep me focused.  I will continue to share those goals with you and if when I reach them.

My husband and I went for a four mile walk today.

New Year 2015

While on our walk, I shared with him some ideas I had for the blog in the upcoming year.  One thing I really wanted to incorporate was sort of like a daily diary to just talk to you all about my day.  I want it to be impromptu, short, and sort of “off the cuff.”  Good day, bad day, or indifferent day.

As we were talking, he challenged me to try and do videos.  He felt like you would all like to see me going through my year, one-day-at-a-time.  We also felt like it would be cool to see my changes, in person, or rather video, as the year progresses.  So, we are going with it.  I will post my daily videos to the ItSuxToBeFat YouTube channel.  I will post each and every day.  They will be short and sweet but it will hold me accountable on a daily basis.  And…I am so excited.  I am excited to get to reach out to you each and every day in a different format.  I hope you will all stay with me through this year and watch me grow and change.  I have big plans for myself this year as long as I stick to the theme.


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