Trust the Process – Weekly Weigh In

If you watch my vlogs, you know that I wasn’t too stoked about this week’s weigh in.  Even though I had stayed somewhat within my calorie goal, I had not eaten very clean and I was worried it was going to show on the scale.

I got on the scale Monday morning and saw this.

Weekly Weigh In January 26, 2015

A loss of 0.8.  I’ll take it!  My total weight loss for January:

Monthly Weight Loss January 2015


I am sure I did not lose as much as I COULD have lost if I had eaten cleaner or exercised more consistantly.  However, I lost and that is what matters to me at this point.  I have got to get these extra pounds off my body.

After I weighed in, I got to thinking, “Why do I question the process so much?”  Why do I wonder if I am going to lose when I have stayed within my daily range?  Why do I question all the research and the science that all the peeps behind MyFitnessPal app have done.  Obviously they know that calories in vs calories and the science behind that.  I am no expert so why do I still question that?

I guess because there have been some weeks that I was spot on and I didn’t lose.  In fact, there have been some weeks that I gained weight!  Two times in particular I left a Weight Watchers meeting sobbing.  I had done so well and I had not only NOT lost weight, I had GAINED weight.

I know all the right answers behind that too.  Hormones, body adjusting to exercising more, eating too much sodium, etc…

In the end, it will all work out for the best as long as we trust the process.  Whatever “process” you have chosen.  These companies that come up with these “processes” have spent a lot of time and money to make sure they have a system that works.  So whether you are doing Whole30, Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal, Jenny Craig, Medifast, or any other way of eating healthier, trust the process.

Work the system and it will work for you.  I have no doubts.

Note to self…trust the process!

How was your weigh in?  Did you have a successful week?

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