The Scale Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story – Weekly Weigh In

I feel amazing.  For the last seven weeks, I have been eating strictly Paleo and incorporating Crossfit workouts into my exercise regime.  I saw this graphic on emeals website and it explains perfectly the difference between Paleo and just “Eating Clean.”

Paleo vs Clean Eating

Paleo vs Clean Eating

Before you go and judge and say, “Gross, no way!” listen to this:

I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore.  My hubby and I were enjoying nightly bowls of ice cream.  I used to NEED ice cream.  I don’t even miss ice cream anymore.  You could put one of my favorite candy bars in front of me and I would not even have the urge to eat it (Yes, that did happen this week!  Three words – Peanut-Butter-Snickers!)  My sweet tooth is non-existent.

My cravings for carbs (the bad kinds) are gone.  I used to come home and devour as many chips as my conscious could handle.  I mean I would shovel that crap in.  There was this “magical” time when I was cooking dinner where I would go into a carb coma.  No more.  There aren’t even carbs in my house.

I have so much energy.  I literally go non stop all day and I don’t have crashes or times where I am just exhausted.  I just feel good.

I am getting stronger.  Today, I did kettle bell swings with a 40 pound kettle bell.  Do you know how heavy that is?  Trust me, it is heavy!  Last week, I did 150 push ups and 150 dead lifts at Crossfit.  Could I have done that 8 weeks ago?  No way!

I had four people last week tell me I LOOK like I lost weight.  Three people at work and my mom all said that I looked smaller.  HELLO!

My jeans are fitting so well.  I bought two new pairs of jeans right before I started Paleo and they fit a little snug.  There was certainly a little muffin going on!  Well, now, I have to constantly pull them up because they are loose!  Not falling off of me loose but no more muffin top loose!

Why am I telling you all of these things?  Is it to try and convince you to go Paleo?  Nope.  Is it to brag about how great I am feeling and looking?  Nope.  Is it to make myself feel better when I step on the scale everyday?  YES!

Know why?  Because the scale is NOT showing how I feel.  Here is what I saw today:

Weight Watchers Weigh In for April 20, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In for April 20, 2013


Am I frustrated as hell?  YES!  With what I am eating, I should be losing weight.  I know I am building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat and blah blah blah.  However, the scale is NOT moving.  Week after week Day after day I get on the scale and it says right around 184 (my home scale).  Some days it says 185.4 and other days it says 183.2.  Just depends on the day.

What should I do?  Do I have a scale addition?  Does the number even matter?

I am thinking of putting the scale away for a few weeks.  Just focus on how I FEEL.  But…do I NOT weigh in when I go to m Weight Watchers meetings?  Do I tell the lady that weighs me in that I don’t want to know what the scale says?  Then, how do I tell you all what I weigh?

UGGGGGHHHHHH….do you sense the frustration?

I need your advice.  Do I put the scale away for a while?  Do I continue to weigh in once a week?  Do I continue to weigh every day.  What is your opinion?

You are More Important Than This Number

You are More Important Than This Number


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  • mmartin72

    Just rambling here….Well it’s so hard without seeing someone’s daily food diary on what’s right/wrong, what can be tweaked. You only have to weigh in 1x a month at WW just like when you hit lifetime, meaning you can take a pass on other weeks. (From what I’ve been told by my center). You can also ask them to not tell you your weight. Do you also input your food into myfitnesspal Or keep track of your sodium levels? At a recent WW meeting our leader was discussing the hidden sodium in foods (now if you are eating what you are you shouldn’t have much if any). For example I was at the health store looking at a package of organic chicken breasts and the sodium was listed at 760mg for one breast! but another one I looked at and the sodium was only 65 mg. I mean it’s stuff like that that might be the hidden culprit for the scale not budging, BUT remember you are listing all of those NSV’s!! So you know you are seeing a difference. Good luck!

  • Billie Frys

    Hi – first off, I love your blog! I am also doing crossfit (just started 3 weeks ago), but am following WW for diet/food. Since starting crossfit I was staying right around the same weight and I totally know how you feel – it is so frustrating to not see the scale move. Especially after all the hard workouts and knowing you are sticking to the plan. Are you taking your measurements along the way? This may be a better way to see progress. If you do continue to weigh in (I would suggest weekly, not daily), just remember that it is about more than that number. How you feel, how your clothes fit, all the small things you are doing for your health, etc. are what matters the most!

  • Erica

    IMO I think you should put the scale away for awhile. The trainers at my crossfit suggest we get one just once a month. Deep down you know you are changing your body composition, 4 people could SEE a difference, you feel amazing……don’t let the scale pull you down. I haven’t seen a drop in the scale for over 3 weeks, but I too can feel and see a difference in my clothes. I need to heed my trainers suggestion and just weigh in once a month and just put my focus on my eating and my working out. You’re doing awesome, way to go!!!

  • Raluca

    In my opinion whenever the scale doesn’t budge I cut out processed food as much as I can and salt. It tends to work. Also I suspect that when you do start dropping it’s going to be a massive number to make up for all the other weeks, just keep that in mind :)

  • Lori Dunagan

    Jennifer I would put the scale away and focus on nsv on your journey. I too am a ww member. Could you share what you are eating on paleo? I am curious to see what it looks like. Do you stil stick to points while eating this way?

  • AnnieGoSloMo

    I say to continue weighing… the number WILL change… that muscle you’ve built from doing ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY dead lifts?? Seriously?? – it really does weigh more than fat but takes up much less room… Develop your mental game on how to deal with the scale…develop other numbers to get excited about.. oh, say like ONE FIFTY!!!! I’ve been doing Paleo for 8 weeks and in the last two weeks I’ve lost 10lbs.. not kidding.. (of course I have a lot more to lose than you!).. I actually gained 3lbs one week and then lost nothing for two weeks.. and when you’re 300+ lbs THAT is pretty discouraging.. but I weight E-V-E-R-Y day.. no matter what.. I use it as a guide only.. knowing there are ups and downs… but it’s interesting to me to figure out what causes me to gain water weight or what time of the month I can expect to plateau.. BUT (and this is a big but) if I never lost another pound I think I would still eat Paleo because for the first time in my life I do not have the “dark, gnawing hunger”… I’m 51.. and since college I cannot remember a time when “it” wasn’t there… but I digress… you’re doing the right thing.. concentrate on how you FEEL and LOOK and on your significant gains in STRENGTH… also, get a heartrate monitor (I use a Polar H7 Bluetooth) and I use the DigiFit app on my iPhone.. you cannot believe how monitoring THOSE numbers really motivates me. One last thing, my coach (from CrossFit) suggested I limit fruits further when I hit a plateau (I was eating those cuties and apples daily).. so now, I have fruit about 3 times a week or sometimes less… but if I’m craving some? I have some… I haven’t craved any in more than a week.. so for now, I’m okay with limiting my fruit because I just entered the 280′s!!! 35+lbs gone! HA! grin. (I gotta tell you, one of my goals is to make it to one of your success weight loss blogs.. it will be a while but I’m on my way!) Good luck to you.. hang in there..

  • Nancy

    Definitely you should take your measurements! You are losing fat and since you are starting a new exercise regime your muscles are like whoa!! and retaining some water as they are adjusting and repairing making new lean muscle mass. The scale will sooner or later show a significant weight loss! Congrats on the loose pants! :)

  • Xwave

    First, I would assess why the scale is important to you. If seeing numbers goes down motivates then great. But if you’re seeing results and you know you are getting lean, why let numbers frustrate you while you are meeting your goals? Also, I find that my weight fluctuates the most with my menstrual cycle. It might be more sane to weigh yourself monthly and on the same day in your cycle.

  • disqus_vBZy5PZbiX

    I believe you about the way of eating, how you feel. How do your muscles get enough glucose (glycogen?) for work outs? Carbs from the fruits and vegs? Thx

  • jessiekay77

    I believe this too. I have lost more inches than weight and people notice that I’ve lost weight.. here is a good article about why the number on the scale doesn’t matter.. look at Staci, who actually looks thinner at a heavier weight… just to keep things in perspective

  • Catherine

    Maybe its not the paleo diet that is making you feel good. Maybe it the crossfit. Why not do the crossfit and nix the paleo. Weight watchers works.

  • Laura Stewart-Burch

    I think you should continue to weigh in weekly. It will keep you accountable. That being said, a pound of muscle does not weigh more than a pound of fat. A pound is a pound. Sorry, I can’t stand that myth.

    • christina

      it doesnt mean a pound of muscle is more than a pound of fat. it means for the SIZE, muscle is heavier than fat. it is more dense. However, since it is more dense, 1 lb of muscle is SMALLER than 1 lb of fat. that is why you hear of people who do not lose weight but lost inches, it is because they gained muscle and lost fat, fat takes up more room pound for pound. not to mention muscle burns more calories than fat does, about 50 calories more per pound I think? it is not a myth, muscle is heavier and denser than fat.

  • Lindsay

    Looking at your weight loss trend, you are steadily losing! It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you had an awesome weight loss next week. I would see how the scale is next week, and if you still aren’t happy maybe try weighing yourself every other week and spacing it out more since you are smaller now and it is harder to lose weight. I think the smaller you get the more the weight fluctuates up and down though if you keep on doing the right things the number WILL go down. :)

  • Jodi

    I just put the scale away for a while and it was the best thing I could have done…the number was starting to drive me nuts and was demotivating. Trust what you’re doing, trust your workouts, trust the food that makes you feel good and don’t stress the rest.

  • Becky Fletcher Holloway

    If you have not read this article by the amazing Paleo guru Jason Seib, then drop everything and READ IT NOW: Take a look at the picture and see how weight lies. My encouragement to you would be to do photos and measurements, not weigh-ins. BTW, I discovered Paleo just over 2 months ago, and it has changed my life too. Best of luck to you!

  • Brooke

    I just stumbled on your blog. My cousin and I have our own weightloss blog.

    I think it’s great that you’re doing this. I know how frustrating it can be to see no results on the scale. I also do CrossFit and I know from experience that place can pack on muscle like crazy. When people tell me muscle weighs more than fat I’m like “shut the hell up” lol but it is true. I would just weigh yourself once a week (if you do it more than that). Maybe even every two weeks if you’re getting really frustrated. Everyone reaches that plateau where they can’t lose weight as easily, and you just have to switch it up a bit.

  • heidi hatcher

    oh my friend, i can just feel your pain thru this post. so discouraging and frustrating. what you are doing is AWESOME and you are rockin’ it!!!!! i’d love to see you in action. way to go eating paleo. i’ve done that for a week to try and get back at goal (quicker!! = no more paying) and i definitely know now that what i love about WW is the ability to eat whatever in moderation!! good for you to have lost your sweet tooth. i’m dying for a piece of candy and a bowl of pasta :)

  • alrachid

    If anyone cares to get there hands on the paleo diet book, here is a link.
    The diet changed my life…. I pray everyday and thank the lord for
    this book.