The Missing Link – Weekly Weigh In

This week, at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, we talked about something new.  Well, it isn’t new to WW but it is new for those of us living in Georgia.

We were introduced to the ActiveLink.

ActiveLink from Weight Watchers

Before I tell you about this little gem, or missing link, as my WW leader calls it, I NEED to tell you about my weigh in.

So, last week, I knew I had a big weekend planned.  I knew all week that this weekend I would be eating out several times and celebrating my brother’s big 4-0 birthday (cake!).  So, all week I was really good.  I ate salads for lunch and lots of fruit.  I tried to incorporate a simply filling food into every meal.  I felt well prepared for the weekend festivities.

Saturday we went to dinner at Flip and of course, I had a burger, some fries, and 1/4 of a milkshake.  Then, on Sunday, I ate steak and baked potatoes and cake and ice cream.

So, needless to say I was a little scared to go and weigh in on Monday night.  I did weigh Monday morning and it only said I was up 0.4.  So, that made it a little better.  I was still scared to go and weigh (I even considered NOT weighing in).  I decided to just do it and face the music.  I am so glad I did:

November 12 weigh in at 186.6

Yep.  Exactly the same.  Now, don’t let me lead you astray, I probably did gain 0.4.  However, when I took of all my jewelry and my socks (yes, my socks!), it evened out.  YES!

So, at this meeting we talked about our new ActiveLinks and what they do.  I will give a full description after I have taken time to see how it works.  I do know that you wear it all day and it keeps track of how active you are.  I am currently in the midst of an 8 day evaluation of my current fitness.  After that, they will give me a goal to reach and it will start calculating my points plus for me.  Cool, huh?

The downside is it costs $49 and then an additional $5 a month for monitoring.  BUT…if it works, I think it will be well worth the money.  Stay tuned.

On another note, only one more week until Thanksgiving.  This last week, the challenge is to write down one REASON a day to get healthy.  What will you LOSE (other than weight) if you lose weight?  This one should be a fun one!

Have a great week!  Let’s make this a successful week before the holiday!

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  • Carlye Rankin

    Just found your blog. I started back to weight watchers last month. I joined a few years ago and lost 30 lbs before I got pregnant with my first child now I am 40 lbs or so heavier and really want to take the weight off. I need some motivation. Excited to read more of your blog. Love the name!

  • Clarence Oliver

    One thing I find very beneficial and I don’t know if you try this or not is to drink a bottle of ice cold water before you do anything else in the morning. Studies have found that when people do that it cuts their calorie count for the day by 230 calories, without any feelings of hunger. A little help maybe for the Thanksgiving Meal.

  • Johannah Hardy

    I joined WW in August and we were actually given the chance to start using Active Link in September…and I love it! It clips to my bra strap and is not noticeable at all during the day. It really keeps me motivated, and I like that I get activity PP for all the walking I do at work which I never added in before! On my days off though, it can be a little depressing that I go for a four mile walk and am still sitting at 0 PP because I haven’t reached my baseline. Over all though, I feel like it is really accurate, and fun!

  • weight loss solution

    But it can take your body several days before you can see the net impact of eating high calorie foods. I would not assume that the burger and fries you ate will have no impact on your weight. It can take as much as a week before you may see a gain.

  • Sara Thornton

    Hello there! I too am living in Georgia, in the Dahlonega area (NW of Atlanta abut an hour). So hello fellow Georgian! New follower here (I mentioned that in another comment). This is a neat little tool, the ActiveLink. For people in WW it seems basically like a FitBit or a Nike thing. I use MyFitnessPal, it links up to Endomondo which is an App on my phone that records all of my little walking arounds and whatnot and it puts the exercise/calories lost onto the app and then I input all my food (very huge database, all you do is type in food type or brand and it brings up all of the nut facts) and it calculates everything like calories and carbs etc for the day and calculates how much weight you could lose in 5 weeks if you continue the same as that day. You also input your weight, etc as you gain or lose.
    As for your fun filled weekend if you eat a low carb diet throughout the week (which it seems like you did with salads, etc) having that fun filled weeked could actually have the potential to jump start a weight loss in the time of a stall. You said you did not seem to lose anything but that may be why. Introducing something like that weekend you had could be benefitial if it’s controlled, like a very once-in-a-while type of deal and not regular. It confuses the body and keeps your metabolism active.
    I’m by no means a professional. As a 4.5 month postop of WLS (not bypass) I just learn a lot with trial and error, experimenting, listening to my nutritionist, comparing with others, etc. It’s just what I learned :) I hope to see more of you, love your posts!

  • Justin

    For overweight people difficult task to loss weight. You have done nice work. Its too good.