It’s Only A Pound – Weekly Weigh In

Have you ever said to yourself, “I ONLY lost a pound!”

I said that to myself on Monday morning when I hopped on the scale.

Weekly Weigh In for January 19, 2015

I was having very mixed feelings.  I know that a pound is a pound is a pound but I also want to lose more than a pound.  I want it to come off faster and lose 2-3 a week.  However, I know that is not realistic.  I know that I need to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  I know that is healthy.  I know that a pound is not something to snark at.

So, why is it instinct to feel not happy about just losing a pound?  I don’t get it.  I know all the things to tell myself and how happy I should be.  I should really be happy about this:

10 pounds lost this month

10 pounds…since January 1.  That is awesome.  I will take that any day.  I know the first week people tend to lose more..which I did… but, still.  I lost 10 pounds this month…and it’s not even over.  I have already made my Dietbet that ends at the end of this month and I am going to go straight into another one.  Why not?!?

I called my mom to tell her the news and she reminded me that if I ONLY lose a pound a week for the rest of the year, I will lose 50 more pounds.  Do you know how happy I will be if I finish this year weighing in the 170’s or even 160’s?  That is the reality…and it can happen.  Even if I ONLY lose a pound a week!

I think so many times we get hung up on ONLY losing 1 pound, or half of a pound.  It is so important to remember that those pounds add up.  One pound at a time.

One pound at a time

That’s what I am doing this year.  One pound a time.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.

I will leave you with this quote.

Hello, do you know me?

If you don’t, you should. I’m a pound of fat, and I’m the HAPPIEST pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.

Want to know why?

It’s because no one ever wants to lose me.
I’m ONLY ONE POUND, just a pound! Everyone wants to lose three pounds, five pounds, or fifteen pounds, but never only one.

So I just stick around and happily keep you fat. Then I add to myself, ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice it. That is, until I’ve grown to ten, twenty, thirty or even more pounds in weight.

Yes, it’s fun being ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT, left to do as I please.
So, when you weigh in, keep right on saying,

“Oh, I only lost one pound.”

For you see, if you do this, you’ll encourage others to keep me around because they’ll think I’m not worth losing. And, I love being around you – your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips and every part of you.
Happy Days! After all, I’m ONLY ONE POUND!

– Author Unknown

Let’s remember that next time we ONLY lose a pound!  How was your weigh in this week?  Did you have a good week?

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.