Pick a Routine – Weekly Weigh In

For the first time in WEEKS, I was super excited to go weigh in at Weight Watchers on Monday night.  I had done really well tracking and there was a fire in me that had been missing since summer.

I had a good workout before my meeting with lots of running so I knew that would help my weight also.

I got on the scale expecting a good 5 pound loss.  What I got was quite a pleasant surprise:

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh in for September 30

I lost a whopping 7.8 pounds!

GOODBYE 190′s.  HELLO low 180′s.

Now…I just want to see those 170′s again and stay there a little longer this time.

To say I did the happy dance is an understatement.  I was THRILLED!  Who knew that tracking every-single-thing you put in your mouth would work a miracle?!?  Huh…

It is amazing what focusing on ONE thing will do. Of course, it helps that the ONE thing was tracking which is a HUGE thing for me!

So, this week was the perfect meeting.  It was all about developing a habit by making something routine.  Sure, you can do something for a few days or maybe even a week but when does something start to become a habit like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast?  I think it takes a good month or two (8 weeks) to develop a new habit out of a routine.

Here are some healthy habits that I feel have become routines for me:

  • Drinking Water – I drink a minimum of 80 ounces a day.
  • Eating Breakfast – There is never a day that goes by that I don’t eat breakfast.
  • Packing a Lunch – I take my lunch to work every day.  There is no way I am eating school food!
  • Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep – I can’t help but do this one.  MANY nights I fall asleep on the couch and then go to bed a little while later but most nights of the week/weekend I get the full 7-8 hours.
  • Always have a healthy snack on hand – I pack my snacks with my lunch and I always pack extra.  That way, there is no excuse for a vending machine snack attack!

These are 4 of the 16 routines that Weight Watchers recommends.  Here are the other 12 that I am not so great at:

  • Ask Yourself, “Is this worth the Points Plus value”
  • Know how you are going to be active tomorrow
  • Always have comfortable shoes with you
  • Eat veggies or fruit with every meal or snack
  • Put your fork down and sip water between bites
  • Wait a bit before reaching for seconds
  • Wear an activity monitor all day, every day
  • Walk at least five minutes each hour
  • Plan the points plus value of your next meal
  • Eat all your meals at a table
  • Eat all of your meals free of distraction
  • Try standing up for all of your usual sit-down activities

I am proud of the ones that are habits for me but I can easily see how I can incorporate some of these into my daily routines.

This week, I am going to focus on two of them.  Two of these go along with my current focus, tracking.  This week and really the whole month of October, I am going to focus on asking myself, “Is this worth the Points Plus value” and plan the points plus value of my next meal.

Just focusing on those and adding them to my list will be a huge help and accomplishment for me if I can conquer these.  I would love to make tracking a habit for me.  Just something that I do.  I think if I can focus on tracking and really make the commitment to do it, I will continue to see a loss on the scale.

Which routine will you commit to working on this week?

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  • http://www.tatlockstruth.blogspot.com/ Shannon Tatlock

    Congratulations on the loss! That is amazing!!!!

  • Elizabeth Faulkingham Alteri

    I wrote a blog a while back about eating with no distractions which is impossible with a 4 and a 1 year old. I like the getting up and walking around every hour and I still need to make drinking more water a priority
    Congratulations on your loss this week.

  • Amy S

    WOWZERS that is one fabulous loss! the biggest loss i have had has been 4.4 lbs and that was the first week… it has averaged like 1-3 :) so I am happy! but you are right! TRACKING IS SO SO SO important.. those little extra bites count so much …. way to go

  • http://christinashaw.com TinaShaw

    That’s awesome! I need to commit to more activity… :/ I was doing really well for a while then got lazy and it’s so hard to get back in the routine of it again!

  • Shannon Schmitz Demi

    Great Job girl!!!

  • Emily

    Yay! Congrats!

  • Dan

    so proud of you! Yay!!

  • mattpap

    Jennifer, congrats on reaching the low 180s. Weight Watchers’ routines are a great way for one to acquire healthy habits. The routine I have used a lot is “having a healthy snack with me”. Matthew (from WeightLossTriumph.com)