In Case of Emergency – TRACK YOUR FOOD – Weekly Weigh In

I was headed into emergency mode.  My emergency was not being able to fit into any of my summer clothes…when I say ANY, I mean ANY!  Even my workout clothes were tight.  If that doesn’t yell EMERGENCY, I don’t know what does! My mom, sensing my emergency state of living, challenged me to a Tracking […]

Eat Like A Child

I weighed today. It-Was-So-Ugly! I went to Jacynta’s Sparkle a New You get together last night at Whole Foods close to where I work. It-Was-So-Awesome! Which do you want to talk about first?  The weight…I figured. Let’s just say the number was so bad, I am not going to tell you what it is.  I […]

Slashing Your Tires – Weekly Weigh In

I told you all that I was on spring break last week.  I weighed on Tuesday morning and this is what I saw: I was pleased.  I was happy to see the exact number I saw two weeks ago.  I felt accomplished.  I was happy.  I felt like it was possible to lose weight on […]

Work It and It Works – Weekly Weigh In

I know it has been two weeks since I updated you on my weigh in’s.  When I left for Jekyll Island last Monday with my class, it just wasn’t possible to sit down and write a blog post!  But…I did weigh in before I left and this is what I saw: Just squeeked in under […]

The Power of No – Weekly Weigh In

If you did not have a chance to read Tuesday’s post…do it, now!  I will wait… So, you know that my friend Heidi asked me to not eat sweets with her for a while.  Of course I was hesitant at first but then, once the decision was made, the decision was made. Cold Turkey It […]

Weight Loss Limbo – Weekly Weigh In

So, I titled my post “Weight Loss Limbo” and then went to see what the actual definition of limbo is according to  Take a peek at this: lim·bo a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when castaside, forgotten, past, or out of date: My youthful hopes are in the limbo of lost dreams. an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place. a place or state of imprisonment or confinement. My favorite definition is the last one.  A place or state of imprisonment or confinement…and to to think, I just thought limbo was […]

I Won’t Let A Bad Week Get Me Down – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

This has not been the best week as far as weight loss has gone. I really don’t like to use excuses but I have plenty of them for such a bad week. First, I will start with business. Each of my children had some sort of doctor’s appts. this week which seemed to keep me […]

Do It For Your Health – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

As I lose weight this year, I really want to focus on my health and how I can become the healthiest version of me. I started the year off by going to the doctor. If you read that post , you will know that is something that I haven’t done for years, yep you heard […]

Weight Watchers Simple Start – Weekly Weigh In

I went back to Weight Watchers last night.  It had been a month. I think after Jacynta quitting and going to a meeting where I wasn’t pumped with the leader, then the holidays, blah, blah, blah.  I just didn’t go. I didn’t really know what to expect on the scale.  I figured I gained considering […]

Up Up…And Away – Weekly Weigh In

Up, Up and Away. Up, up is the scale… Holy crap!  I just looked back to see when the last time I weighed this much was and it was back in November of 2010!  Horrible…mortified.  I feel it too.  This is bad.  This could get out of control fast.  I am panicking.  I can’t keep […]