Take THAT Holiday Weight Gain – Weekly Weigh In

I weighed in yesterday.  I am going back to Monday weigh in’s for two reasons. First, I weighed in on Mondays for five years and that worked for me.  I am going back to what worked. Second, I am attending a weekly group class again with Jacynta starting next week and she is going to […]

Keep On Keepin’ On – Weekly Weigh In

Last week was a good week.  It was not perfect or fabulous or wonderful but it was good.  These days, I will take good. I had big plans on the weekend to get up and workout at 4:45 a.m. every day.  That lasted, one day.  Monday I got up super early and got a good […]

Vacation Weight Loss – Weekly Weigh In

I love going to Florida with my bff Kristen.  Not only do we have a great time, I always seem to lose weight while I am gone.  I think that just shows how badly I eat at home because, trust me, we eat GOOD while we are there. Kristen’s mom is an amazing cook.  She […]

Life is Happening – Weekly Weigh In

I am still alive.  I promise! I am sorry I have been MIA lately but I think it is like this in the beginning of every school year.  I wish I could be pulled into 100 different directions but I just can’t.  I have to prioritize and do what I can do because I can’t […]

My Wednesday Weigh In – A Couple of Days Late

Hey guys. No I didn’t forget that I needed to blog. I have just been really, really busy and am just now sitting down to do it. I mananged to have a decent week. Yeah!! I am down 3 pounds. I see myself thinner and healthy and am really going to keep imagining it until […]

Is It Ever Enough – Weekly Weigh In

Are we ever good enough? Do we ever do enough? Do we ever give ourselves a break? Do we thank ourselves for how hard we work or how hard we love? Do we thank each other enough? Do we encourage each other enough or is it always what we are doing wrong-wrong-wrong? Are we kind […]

Flatline – Weekly Weigh In

We are in the throws of Fitbloggin’ and having a great time!  I hope to give you guys an update at some point tomorrow but with the schedule so go-go-go, I might not have time.  Don’t worry…you will get a full update soon!  For now, here is my post from earlier this week that time […]

Summer is in Full Swing – Weekly Weigh In

I really enjoy summer.  I mean, I love my job but it certainly doesn’t hurt that I get two month’s “off”” every summer.  I say that term loosely because I did spend all week last week in classes learning to be a better teacher. It has been two weeks since I last updated you on […]

Half Truths – Weekly Weigh In

Let’s play a game..two truths and a lie.  Have you ever played that?  Well, basically someone tells two truths and one lie.  You have to try and figure out which is the lie.  Here goes: 1.  I rocked out my exercise last week exercising almost every day and some days TWICE. 2.  I gained five […]

It’s All Up To You

Well, the lazy days of summer are here………or are they? We had about 4 days off for summer and all of a sudden, high school basketball practice has started up for my daughter. Wait, what? I had no idea I would get this busy, this quickly. My daughter, who isn’t even in high school until […]