Spark the Fire – Weekly Weigh In

This post is actually my weekly weigh in from LAST week.  Since my site was switching servers and I was unable to post, I thought I would share it with you this week.  I didn’t make it to my weigh in due to a work obligation so it all worked out.  Just know that this […]

Against the Wind – Weekly Weigh In

Well, my weigh in surprise from last week caught up to me.  Ten fold. I didn’t go to Weight Watchers for several reasons but like always, I weighed in at home this morning.  Up 4 pounds.  Yep…4 freakin’ pounds. So…I know that can’t possibly be “accurate” and it will even out next week.  No…I didn’t […]

Shock on the Scale – Weekly Weigh In

Well…wonders never cease.  After this post on Sunday, I was all prepared for the worst! I woke up on Monday morning, jumped on the scale like I always do and was shocked when I was down 3.6 pounds.  Wowzers! Then, I went to Weight Watchers and weighed and was shocked again when I was down […]

Back Up Plan – Weekly Weigh In

This week’s weigh in at Weight Watchers was not fun.  I knew it was not going to be fun due to the fact that I ate a bunch of Easter candy, salty ham, and it’s that time of the month. Sure enough-I was up 2.6.  Well damn. Good thing is, I went and weighed in […]

Are You Fiber Full? – Weekly Weigh In

My Monday night weigh in at Weight Watchers was not very eventful. I told you all about my 2 pound gain last week, however I didn’t weigh in. I knew unless I had lost the two pounds I gained last week, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I weighed at home Monday morning and […]

Time To Track – Weekly Weigh In

I took yesterday off of work to heal from my half-marathon so I did not go to my Weight Watchers meeting. However, I made a commitment to let you know how I do EVERY week, not just weeks I weigh in.  Well, I got on the scale yesterday morning and I was up another 2 […]

Negative Nelly – Weekly Weigh In

“Hi!  My name is Jennifer and I am a Negative Nelly.” “Hi, Jennifer!” the group responds. “I am a Negative Nelly but YOU will NEVER know that.  You know why?!?  Because I won’t be negative to you.  I am only negative to myself!” “If you need a friend, I am here for you.” “If you […]

Measure It – Weekly Weigh In

I have been a little lax lately with my weekly weigh ins.  Probably because it has been such a constant up, down, up, down, up, down. Who wants to hear about that?  Well…I realized maybe YOU do.  Maybe you are experiencing the same thing and you need to hear that you are not alone.  Guess […]

Track and Succeed – Weekly Weigh In

I had a good week last week.  Do you want to know why?!?  It’s a big secret…a big trick.  I don’t know if I should tell you all because it is so profound. I tracked. Yep, that’s it.  I tracked all week long. I tracked, I stayed on plan, and I lost. I didn’t just […]

No Point In Hiding – Weekly Weigh In

No point in hiding.  You will always have to come out eventually and when you do, it won’t be pretty. I spent last week hiding from reality.  I skipped my Monday night Weight Watchers meeting…which I never do.  I ate out almost the entire week…which I never do.  I drank diet coke…which I never do. […]