Pack a Snack – Weekly Weigh In

How in the world is it Friday already?!? This week flew by and I missed it. Well, I didn’t really miss it but I was so busy with life that I forgot all about you. Well, not really – I couldn’t ever forget about you. However, Season 2 of the show, 24, had me enthralled at night. Sorry!

So, here we are on Friday and I am just now talking about my Weight Watchers meeting on MONDAY. Oops! Anywho…it happens.

So, I went to Weight Watchers all pumped up to find out about the new Weight Watchers 360. Well, when I got there, of course I jumped on the scale.

December 3 Weight Watchers Weigh In at 189.2

Hey…not too bad. It wasn’t the big gain that I was expecting but it was still a gain so I need to get that under control!

The meeting topic, surprisingly was not that much about the new WW plan. She mentioned it for a little bit but didn’t go into depth. I will post more about the new plan later.

The topic was all about packing a healthy snack. Part of the new Weight Watchers 360 is that they want to look at your environment and things around you to help you be successful. For me, snacking is definitely one of those things.

I am diligent about packing a snack. With my job, if I DON’T pack a snack, I don’t have a snack. It is that simple. Yes, we have a vending machine. However, it is in the dreaded teacher’s lounge (I don’t go in there unless I have to – nothing good comes out of the teacher’s lounge!) and I am NOT going in there. Especially around the holidays when there is way too much junk food in there.

So, here is how my snack routine goes.

  • ALWAYS pack a snack the night before – When I get home from work, I make dinner and while dinner is cooking, I pack my lunch/snacks for the next day. I also pack the hubbies lunch/snacks. My husband is in charge of grapes. He washes them and bags them for us. I always put our snacks with our lunches in the fridge so I can grab them and go in the morning. Having them ready to grab makes “forgetting” a snack in the morning rush not happen. Lord knows I am trying to get to work on time and I don’t have time in the morning to make snacks. I barely have time to grab them out of the fridge and pack them!
  • Prep ahead for the week if you can – I told you that my husband is the grape man. We get our grapes from Costco and they come in a big container. He washes and bags half the grapes on Sunday so that he doesn’t have to until Wednesday. There are also snack bags of grapes in our fridge if we ever need a snack on the go.  If you prefer something crunchy or salty for a snack, go ahead and portion out a serving into ziplock bags and write the points plus on them. That way, when you grab them to take with you, you don’t even have to think about how many to grab or how many Weight Watchers points plus they are.
  • Make snacks portable and fast – This goes with preparing snacks for the week. If you have snacks already washed, prepped, or bagged, all you have to do is grab and go. No thought process at all. A little prep work goes a long way. It also keeps you from eating the entire bag of pretzels!
  • Only pack WW friendly snacks – This one was a real eye opener for me just recently. Yes, I have been on the program for almost 4 years but this one took me a while to “get.” I used to pack all my fruit (apples, bananas, grapes) but I would also pack some pretzel crisps or crackers. These are fine for Weight Watchers but they were causing me to go over my points plus on a daily basis. I recently learned that if I just don’t pack it, I don’t have it to eat. What a revelation…I know! I have been very careful lately to just pack the fruit and leave the carbs at home. This has helped tremendously. Are there days that I WANT the carbs, absolutely. But, if I don’t pack it, I don’t have it! Simple as that!
  • If you have a fridge at work, take a few snacks to hold you over a few days – I always have some Greek Yogurts in my fridge at work. Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurts in my fridgeThat way, if I get really hungry in the afternoon or mid morning, I have a backup in case I forgot a snack or need an additional one. Another good thing to do is take lots of snacks to work and keep them in the fridge. Then, you are set for a week! Now, the only time I wouldn’t do this is if you share a fridge with a whole bunch of people. Someone might accidentally walk off with one of your healthy snacks.

With just a little smart planning, packing a snack will soon become routine for you, as it is for me!

Do you usually pack a snack or is this new for you?

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  • Jenny

    I pack our lunches and snacks the night before too!

  • Libby Dillard

    I don’t go anywhere without a healthy snack! I started this habit from day one and it has saved me many times! I never let myself get “crazy hungry”

  • Elizabeth Batista-Cortes

    As a Weight Watchers Leader who has lost 50lbs and kept it off now for 3 plus years, I know the importance of packing a healthy snack. It prevents me from giving in to any indulgences I may find at supermarkets, malls, fast food places, etc.