No Smooth Sailing for Me – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

Don’t you just wish we could say, “I am going to lose weight”, and it just happen quickly and easily? Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. I so wish sometimes that this losing weight thing was easier for me. As I told you in one of my earlier posts, if I go off of Medifast, I have the hardest time getting back on.

Going out of town last weekend was not good for me. This past week I have slowly been trying to get back to being On Plan. I have come to find that slowly is not working for me. I weighed and I am still up 2 pounds from my epic fail weekend (last weekend). I am still down 6 pounds from my starting weight.

I have a new plan. Starting today, I am On Plan 100%. None of this playing around with the plan. That is not working for me!! I have to get serious about my health and the time is now. I have a family that needs me around and I feel like I am playing Russian roulette with my health.

I am going out of town this weekend but it should be better for me than my last outing. I will have a kitchen, and I will take all of my meals and plan all of my food. I will stay On Plan and I will have my family there making sure that I do so. I can’t wait for this week to be done so I can give you all a really great weigh in post and let you know how well I did with my weekend out of town.

I am starting a new tip of the week. I will usually put it in video form. This weeks tip of the week is one that I do regularly to help me remember how many Medifast meals I have eaten in a day. When I get my monthly meals, I immediately unpack them and divide them up into baggies. I put 5 Medifast meals in 1 bag so when my morning starts, I just grab a bag out of the pantry and when the bag is done, I know I have eaten all of my meals for the day.  Here is my tip of the week:

On to better things. Yesterday was Mother’s day and I had a fabulous day. I woke up to one of my daughter’s bringing me breakfast in bed. We got to go to church and spend lunch with my amazing family. Then we got to go have dinner with my husband’s amazing parents. I was so glad I got to spend Mother’s Day with both of our families.

I got myself a Mother’s Day gift.


I have Faith Necklace

I have Faith Necklace

It is a necklace that says “I Have Faith”, that is how I feel on some days. I’m trying to believe it more and more. I want to have abundant faith in this journey and myself that I can do this. I am going to start telling myself this day after day after day until I start believing it with all of my heart. I will get there.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. We all need to rally up and take back our health. We need to start taking care of ourselves, so we can take better care of our kids and help them get healthy. Have faith in yourself that YOU CAN do this and YOU WILL do this. No one else can do this for you. I have such a hard time believing this myself but I try to constantly remind myself!!

What can you do to get your mind in a better place?

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

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  • Jessica Wolfe

    Katherine, I couldn’t wait for you to post about how your week has been going! Tomorrow is my first weigh in day since starting Medifast after learning about it from you. I have done pretty well, but it is VERY hard for this momma! I know I couldn’t do it without my husband…who is also doing it. I have needed to add lean protein to my breakfast & that helps me stay on track much easier. I too have slipped up a couple of times, but I figure it’s soooo much better than I normally do. We are in this together, girl! Keep it up!!!! We won’t change our eating habits over night, but a step at a time…and your posts always help me through my next step!!!

    • Katherine Holmes

      I am so excited you are doing this with me. Hang in there, I promise it gets better. You will eventually not be hungry (most days), and you will learn what foods you like and don’t like and you will get to where you enjoy the foods. If you are doing the plan, you will lose weight. I am back on track and the scale is headed back down. I am so excited!! Let me know how your weigh in goes. I’m so excited for you. Are you on the medifast community? Check it out and sign up if not. There is a lot of great support there. If you are, let me know your name and I’ll friend you!!

  • Joel Davis

    Thanks for this! I have been off and on plan for a while now. It is just so hard for me to get back on 100%. I did so well last year and lost 80lbs, now I am still down from original, but have put over 20lbs back on. Well, today is a new day and I am on 100% so far!
    Thanks Again!!!

    • Katherine Holmes

      It is hard once you get off plan. We are going to stay on 100% right? It is great that you are catching it now and not gaining it all back like I did. It is a horrible feeling to know you have to lose 70 lbs. that you have already lost before. Keep it up and we will do this together!!

  • Lmason

    Can you tell us where to get the beautiful necklace. I love it and would like to get one like it or something simular. Thanks

  • Kristin

    You can do it!! Today is a new day and you can start fresh! Never give up, you can reach your goal!

  • Jennifer Jones

    We have the same necklace! I love origami Owl. I started a 15 week challenge to become a healthier me by changing my eating habits and exercising more. I have 100lbs to lose to be healthy. I know it will be a long journey, but I have faith in myself and everyone else who is trying just as hard as I am.

  • Jessica Nix

    Happy to read you managed to get back on your plan.