Move More – Weekly Weigh In

As I told you yesterday, I was excited to go to Weight Watchers and weigh in.  I really did well last week and pushed hard in hopes of finishing the Dietbet with a win.

Well…I should have been excited because…

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In February 5, 2013

I LOST 5.4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

Yep…I sure did!

I weighed in at 187.2.  YIPEE!!!!

I made my goal for February to get down to 185.  I am pretty sure I am going to make that.  I would LOVE to make it in the next two weeks!  I just need to keep focused with my goals and press on.

This week’s meeting was all about moving more.  They challenged us to move more in the month of February.

First, we needed to assess where we currently are in terms of exercise.  They broke it down into categories according to how many activity points you get a week.  Here are the three categories:

1-11 activity points:  Sedentary

12-24 activity points:  Moderately Active

25 or more activity points:  Very Active

I currently fall into the Moderately Active category on most weeks.  When I am training for a half marathon, I fall into the very active category.  Maybe I need to train for another half!

This week, in order to move more, they asked us to schedule our workouts.  Some people put them on their calendars while others just “know” when they are going to workout the next day.

Some good things about scheduling your workouts:

  • If it is planned, you are more likely to do it.
  • You plan your day around your workout, not your workout around your day.
  • You are prepared.  If you know you are going to the gym after work, you will have everything you need.
  • You will be more likely to do the planned workout versus just going home and sitting on the couch.
  • If you miss your workout, it will be like missing an appointment.

These are just a few reasons why it is important to plan your workouts ahead of time.

This week, I am challenging myself to workout one more day than I did last week.  Last week I did three days.  This week, I am going for four!

Here is my plan:

Tuesday:  Workout after work before dinner.

Wednesday:  Take Maggie for a short walk (does not count as a “workout”)

Thursday:  Workout as soon as I get home before dinner.

Friday:  None

Saturday:  Workout before lunch

Sunday:  Workout after church

Now that I have it planned, I hope I am more likely to do it.

Do you plan your workouts?  Share with us how you will workout just a little more than you did last week!

I am hosting another Dietbet that starts this weekend.  Won’t you consider joining us?  EVERYONE who loses 4% of their starting weight WINS a portion of the pot.  I really enjoyed the last one and many people said it was just what they needed to stay motivated and lose some of the weight they have been carrying around for months!  If you want to join, check it out HERE.


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  • Christy -Tired Mommy

    Congrats on your big loss! That’s awesome!

  • Diet-to-Go

    That weight loss is amazing! Down 5.4 pounds?! Incredible. Congrats on your success!

  • Staci @

    I find that I can find every excuse in the book not to exercise. But if I take time to say on my blog, “I am going to do a walk video tomorrow morning,” when the alarm goes off I feel very obligated to get on up! Lol Whatever works! :)

  • spunkysuzi

    Awesome weigh in!! Yes I have to plan exercise then I actually do it. I can’t just go through a day wondering what I’m going to do.

  • Anita

    Congratulations on the awesome loss! I plan my activity every week and it helps. If I have to miss a workout because something comes up, then I make it up the next day. I already know that I have a standing commitment to myself to make up any missed workouts on the following day, so it keeps me on track.♥

  • Lauren Ratto Fried

    What a great feeling!! Great work, just joined the diet bet, can’t wait!

  • rockybarragan

    Please check out my Weight Loss Channel. I lost over 133 pounds and now I post Healthy Recipe Videos, DVD Fitness Reviews, Grocery Hauls and Weekly Updates on my Journey.

  • Liam Rubel

    Well i have planned for my diets, the calorie intakes but never planned for workouts i usually do it on morning time four hours a week which is giving me positive results. Seeing your workout plans i am also thinking to plan my workouts.

  • Tanvee Nadkarni

    I have to plan my workouts and my meals…otherwise I land up doings nothing right :), I decide the days and the time (morning/evening after work). Like you mentioned when I plan it’s more like an appointment so I make time for it in my day’s schedule

  • Jenelyn Pabutawan

    This is where I will be keeping track of my weight loss progress. weight loss journey. Being a visual person by nature, I like graphs and charts. Below is how I have been performing weight wise from week to week. I officially began my on May 28th, 2007 weighing 348 lbs.

    weight loss

  • Toni

    I am really glad I’ve found your blog. I read your about me and we have a lot in common. I too live outside of Atlanta and just joined WW (again) because my husband and I are going to start trying to have children the end of this year. I have about 50 pounds to goal weight. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Debbie Stanton Lyman

    Just stumbled across your blog and have bookmarked your website so I can come back! Wish I had discovered it before the most recent DietBet began. That sounds great! You are an inspiration!!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      I am so glad you found me. You can still join the Dietbet if you would like but you would only have two and a half weeks to lose 4%. Thank you for your kind words!

  • Lynnel Akerley Holstad

    I found your site a few months ago but couldn’t get out of my head enough to actually put into motion my dream. My dream of losing 100+ pounds. I’ve reached down deep and realized that I just can’t go on like this. I’m unhappy, self conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin. It’s hard for me to love or to be close to others when I don’t love myself. This insanity has to stop. I have two adorable children that are my heart and I don’t want my nasty habit of over eating passed down to them. I’d like for them to be proud of me. Oh hell, I’d like to be proud of myself. Now it’s up to me to turn my dream into a goal. I’m going to start by setting short term goals that once accomplished will put me well on my way to obtaining my long term goal.

    I’m on day 3 of eating more healthfully and I know that your site is going to be one of the tools that I use to obtain my goals. You are very inspiring to me. I hope that you do a DietBet again because I would love to be involved in your next one.

    Thanks again for having the courage to real and in that process helping others with similar plights.

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thank you for opening up Lynnel! I am excited to see how well you do! I just know you will be successful because you WANT it. Keep me posted on your success! I will continue being “real” no matter how painful it is for me sometimes to open up and tell you all the truth about what is going on in my journey! If one person can benefit from my failures, it is worth it! You are going to rock it! I just know it!

  • Amy Greene

    Just found your site (through a pin, then through Fitness and I am so glad I did! I’ve been doing WW (for the 3rd time) for 2 weeks now and am down 8lbs so far. I know that weight comes off faster in the beginning, but I am determined to stick with it! Love your blog and look forward to continuing the journey with you!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Yeah! I am so glad you found me! Stick with me while I have my own ups and downs with WW. 8 pounds is awesome in 2 weeks! Rock on!