Karen’s Weekly Weigh Ins – August 10 & 17

And I’m back! I made it through Weeks 2 and 3 of weighing in on Monday nights at JFit with Jacynta. I’m going to break down each week with my challenges and how I overcame them (or didn’t in some cases—it happens!).

Here’s how Week 2 went…loss of 1.4 lbs!

Weekly Weigh In August 10 2015

Pre-planning at work started, and I immediately went back into my school routine. That means I pack my lunch every day, and I pack my work out clothes every day. Some days the clothes stayed in the bag. I got in 3 days of purposeful activity (walking). I said NO to temptations at school (bagels & cream cheese, ice cream bars, catered lunch). I tracked my food ahead of time before I went to the concert. I drank water and didn’t touch any wine. I will say I got a whiff of the Merlot in my friend’s cup beside of me and was a bit jealous, but I squashed that thought and continued to dance to the music. The band that was performing was a Rolling Stones cover band. How could you not have fun?!

At the going-away party, I did eat the appetizers that were out, but I tracked every bite as best as I could. I stayed away from the fruity drinks and even ate dinner at home to save a few calories. I did not hit 10,000 steps that Sunday like I said I would. I did walk/jog at the park Saturday so that was better than nothing.

Here’s a pic from the going-away party. My friend, Jessie (in the middle) is going to Evanston, IL, with her husband who is attending business school at Northwestern. My other friend, Lisa, and already miss her a ton!

Karen, Jessie, and Lisa

And here’s how Week 3 went…gain of 0.4 lbs!

Weekly Weigh In August 17 2015

Considering it was the first week of school. I was okay with this number. We had a happy hour at my friend Lisa’s, and I had previously decided since I was this far along in the month without alcohol, why not continue?! So, I created my own “Alcohol-free August” challenge. So far so good! Remember…one must challenge themselves to change themselves!

Social happy hour type events are still hard for me. I graze A LOT! I really like cheese and crackers and cheese and crackers. And more cheese and crackers. Oh! And sweets. I really like sweets too. But I tracked all of my cheese and cracker eating as well as a piece of cake that I ate that Saturday night and stuck to sparkling water.

I walked after school only one day. Then the weekend came and I had a 5K and hot yoga already scheduled. So, I definitely got some activity in and am planning on adding more. Look for my next blog post to learn about mixing up your exercise because I don’t know about you, but walking and jogging get a bit boring sometimes. Anybody else feel that way?!

I weigh in tomorrow night, so I will be back to let you know how that goes. Jacynta’s pop up challenge this week is: 5 days of staying at your daily calories Monday-Friday. Since I get 1200 daily calories, she wants to make sure that I am nutritionally satisfied and that I don’t go under. I can’t use any exercise calories either. It will be difficult, but I can do it. And I will do it! One of Jacynta’s Sparkle Core Values is “Health is in the mind, not in the mouth.” I firmly believe that. You have to have your head in the game, and then your mouth will follow.

There’s my plan for success. What’s one thing you are doing to continue your healthy lifestyle this week?

I can.  I will.  End of Story

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