Is Your Home Safe – Weekly Weigh In

I was really excited about weighing in this week.

For the first time since starting Crossfit and eating to reboot my body, I felt like I should have a great week.  My weight slowly went down every few days (ounces) and I thought I would have a good weigh in Saturday morning.

When I got on the scale, this is what I saw:

Weight Watchers Weigh In March 30 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In March 30 2013 at 186.2.

WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Down 2.2.  A slow, steady, down for the last four weeks.   YES!  Finally!

The meeting topic was all about making your home a “safe” zone.  Not “safe” in terms of safety for your life but safe for your weight loss.

We don’t have much control over our work environment.  The teacher’s lounge for instance is NOT a safe place for eating and weight loss.  I try to avoid it at all costs.  Other work environments are very similar.  One environment we do have control over is our home.

I feel like on this topic I have a SEVERE advantage.  I don’t have children!  While that is a curse, it is also a blessing in disguise.  My home is very safe for weight loss.

When you look in my pantry, there are no snack foods, Little Debbies, Mac and Cheese, or treats for after school.  When you look in my freezer, there are no chicken nuggets, no ice creams, no frozen cookie dough from a sale.  There are no Girl Scout Cookies, no snack packs, no Lunchables.  There are no juices, or soft drinks.

Like I said, I have it pretty easy.

I shop only for my husband and myself.  Luckily, he is eating very well like I am so instead of all those delicious unhealthy foods around the house, we are stocked full of hard boiled eggs, lettuce, nuts, fruits, veggies and lean meats.  Fun, right?!?

I can really only offer this one tip for making your home safe for your weight loss, “The battle is in the grocery store.”  No matter if you have children or not, if you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it.

Something else you could try would be to have “your” shelf in the pantry and then all the other shelves.  Make your shelf a safe haven of things that you can/should eat and stay away from the rest of the shelves.

If you are a mom or dad with children, what advice can you give to others on how to make your home “safe” and still let your children have the treats they enjoy?

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  • MC

    I have two snack bins – one of for me and one for the boy. They are opaque, so I don’t see the unhealthy snacks he eats, I just look in mine for healthy foods!

  • Bobbie

    I have 3 kids and a husband that likes the junk. I have done pretty good since joining your dietbets, but today has NOT been good with Easter candy around. I am just thankful that I have become wiser and have started purchasing individual packages for holiday treats. Keep up the good work! I wish we had a Larry, the crossfit guy, around here to help motivate me! ;)

  • Stacie Davis

    I read a comment on a board once someone said, “I don’t eat what I don’t buy.” That stuck with me, and has even helped me put a few things back over time I surely would have eaten!

  • Staci Moize

    Congrats on that huge loss. My environment is semi-safe. I have 4 kids, but we homeschool and they eat what I buy for them . I still do buy things like Doritos to have once a week or so. Sometimes those are a stumbling block to me. My husband is supportive, so he doesn’t ask me to bring junk in most of the time.

  • Lisa Posner

    I work with kids, and one small thing that helps me when we’re giving them some sort of treat is just mentally labeling the pizza or ice cream or whatever it is “not mine.” It’s the KIDS’ food and its not there for my consumption. This doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it does help a lot.

  • Daily Weigh In

    I do not have kids, but I do know how hard can it be when someone in your household is not eating healthy, there is some kind of provocation in every room just lying around. A first it’s very difficult, once you start seeing results it keeps getting easier until you completely ignore them.

    One thing I learned that if you live with someone who does not care about eating healthy, it’s best to agree to buy food themselves, you buy your healthy stuff and they buy whatever they want. Nobody touches others’ people food.

  • katy

    Awesome post – really enjoyed it ! Take a look at
    I’ve been reviewing diets for a few months now – thought you might find it useful! Enjoy – thanks Katy ;)

  • Marcus4848

    This is so true, if I buy some crap food, even if I say I will eat a little of it over time, it disappears in like less than a day. If I have crap around the house I will eat it, so I have gotten in the habit of not even buying it in the first place.

  • jbetya

    trying to figure out if we go to the same mtg. I’ve read your blog before but I noticed on one of your pictures the person who leads the mtgs that I go to. :) BTW… Keep up the good work. You really motivate me.

  • Latina Barbi

    Ok now I really need to do something I’ve been teeter tottering for several weeks now!! Btw did you see me I was on last weeks WW Weekly!!

  • Martha

    I have 3 very active and skinny kids and I do keep a lot of chips, soda, candy, etc. in the house. I grew up very thin and active too but my mom tended to really limit the “junk” food that I had access to and I think it made me crave it even more. I have noticed by allowing my kids to have it when they really want it, 95% of the time, they could care less and it just sits there (I have to throw out candy and chips because they haven’t eaten it and it has gotten too old and stale). It might be a little harder for me and my weight loss but I have learned to just avoid it too and I have been successful in staying out of it. By lessening its importance and draw in my family’s life, I’m hoping my kids don’t grow up with the same fixation on it like I did.

  • Juan Castillo

    Congrats!! You have done a really great work. Evironment is really important when you want to get a goal, but positive thinking is more important.

  • Tara Cartledge

    i love the ” my shelf” idea!! Great post… Thanks!

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  • Eryn Dauzat

    I always think “If I didn’t live at home, I could lose weight.” I go through a daily struggle with eating because my mom cooks for everyone else in my home, I have to eat my salad, grilled chicken, or lean cuisine. There is a TON of unhealthy food in my house between my step brother and two younger sisters. I have no control over what is kept in the house. I have to go to the grocery all on my own. I really wish I had my own home so I had more control over what food came in. I am very frustrated.

  • Elena

    I am not a parent as yet but this safe zone is not just in homes with kids or not. If you are living with anyone who is not a weight watcher or doesn’t need to then you do face all your temptations all the time. And why just home, when you go out with friends or on your own, it gets so easy to cheat and eat what you like while thinking its just the last time. This is our biggest challenge to improve self control. At least it was my own biggest challenge. I worked hard on it and now the condition is far good. Like from last 2 days there was this yummy chocolate cake in my fridge but i didn’t eat it. Before i couldn’t control for even a few hours. Its been 2 months i have not eaten any sweet junk.

  • Elena

    Best to avoid temptation is to eat a healthy alternative at that time. If you will stay hungry you will end up eating that thing even if a smaller portion. So if you think its getting difficult then do eat some healthy choice at that time even if it isn’t there in your diet plan ( better healthy stuff then a calorie loaded piece of cake ) And please introduce healthy eating in your kids too. Its not essential that kids eat candies and ice creams. Such habits some day will make them what we are today :/