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Friday’s weigh in was awesome!  I busted through the 180′s, FINALLY and ventured full force into the 170′s weighing in at…

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In for July 12, 2013

AGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!  HELLO 170′s.  It has been a LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG time since we have seen one another (on a Weight Watchers scale where it “matters”).  To be exact, the last weigh in I saw you was on February 10

of 2012!

O-M-G!  Like a year and a half ago.  Thank God I’m back there!  Someone left a comment on my weigh in two weeks ago that I have been struggling with the same ten pounds for the last year.  I was all upset and like, “HELLO!  Captain obvious!  It’s actually been almost TWO years thank you very much!”  But I didn’t say that and I questioned to myself why I let her comment bother me so much when it was reality.  Then I realized that the truth hurts.  I KNOW I have been stuck for far too long and it is time to get in the game, get serious and get these final 20 16 pounds off!

Two big things that helped me be successful this week:  The first was the Isagenix cleanse.  I am telling you guys, this thing got my body and mind back on track.  I was focused all week and felt great and motivated to keep the weight off!  The second thing was I tracked EVERY-SINGLE-BITE I took.  I am only drinking water so I can’t say drink but everything I put in my mouth, I put in my phone.  You should see my tracker from last week. It looks detailed!

This week’s meeting topic was perfect.  We talked about looking at foods and asking yourself one question, “Is it worth it?”  Sometimes the answer might be “Absolutely” while other times the answer is “No way!”

For me, cream in my coffee used to be a non-negotiable.  I was drinking cream in my coffee and there was no way anyone was going to tell me not to.  I counted the 3-4 points (Yes, I know that I could have fat free creamer for nothing but blah…no thanks!) and to me, it was worth it.  It was so worth it that I even wrote a blog post about it.  Yes, a whole blog post about coffee creamer (that’s how much I loved it!).  Well, back in the coffee creamer days, I was getting at least 30-35 points plus a day.  Guess how many I just dropped to?!?

27!  ONLY 27 points plus a day!!!!  Do you know how little food/drink that is?

I had to make a tough choice.  Do I continue to drink 3-4 of those points plus a day in coffee or do I give it up?  Do I use almost all my weekly points plus in order to have coffee creamer every morning?  Or how about this one…exercising at least an hour a day in order to have the cream for free?  Well that puts it into perspective.

So…it has been two weeks now and I have not had one cup of coffee.  I wanted so badly to stop and get an iced coffee the other day but I didn’t do it.  It’s just not worth it anymore.  Not only do I NOT need to spend the extra points plus but I am ready to get to goal and I am willing to do just about anything to get there.  Plus, I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee during my Isagenix Cleanse so it broke me of the habit and why go back?

Now, another important thing to remember when asking yourself, “Is this food worth the points plus?” is to look up the points plus BEFORE you consume the food.

True story:  Four years ago, my dad, sister and myself are all sitting around eating some Costco pizza in their mountain house up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We were all doing Weight Watchers at the time and it was all still fairly new for us.  I decided to look up the points plus after we ate our pieces of pizza to see if we could have another one.  ONE slice of Costco pizza (now, they are BIG slices…) is 15 points.  NOT points plus but points.  So…now, it would 18 points plus.  We all about died!  My dad who had just recently gotten to his Weight Watchers goal was about ready to barf.  We were absolutely shocked!

I learned a valuable lesson then…look stuff up BEFORE I eat it or have to pay for it later.

Another tip I learned recently is to look at something I am about to eat and ask myself how long I will have to workout to burn those extra calories.  Usually with a workout I will burn 2-4 points plus.  If I am going to eat a tiny bit of chocolate for 2, it’s not worth it to me.  Exercise tends to put things into perspective!

Now, those are all examples of the answer, “NO!”  when a food is NOT worth it. Is a food ever worth it?  SURE!

There are going to be special occasions where you are going to want to have a piece of cake or that margarita with friends.  Plan for it and then enjoy every bite or sip.  Save your exercise points all week long to eat or drink on that special day.  Workout extra that day to burn more calories (maybe even workout twice, GASP!).  Save ALL your extra weekly points plus to use on that occasion.  The biggest thing is to PLAN for it.  Planning to eat something and accounting for it in your tracker tastes so much better than food you either a) hide from your tracker or b) account for it and then can’t eat the rest of the day year!

We had a great time at the Color Me Rad 5k yesterday and can’t wait to tell you all about it!  But…you will have to wait until tomorrow for that post!  Happy Sunday!

What foods to you are totally worth the points plus value?

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  • Felicity

    Awesome! I’m looking forward to following in your footsteps.

  • Blankz

    I am deeply and sincerely very happy for the results of your effort!

    “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Now you have inspired me to take my own advice and loose the remaining pounds and reach my goal (67 down 5 to go). Keep up your hard work!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      5 to go?!? You can do it!

  • Shannon Tatlock

    Congratulations! I’m hoping to break the 170′s next week! Love you comment about thinking about food before you eat it and deciding whether it’s worth it.

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats! It is a simple idea but one I sometimes I forget: lookup calories before eating something :) I did this once at a restaurant and was all upset at how many calories a meal had in it and my 8 year old daughter said, “well you should have checked it first.” So true…

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Lol! Kids are so honest, aren’t they?!?

  • Bitch on a Diet

    I have been battling the damn same ten pounds since I got married three years ago and gained ten pounds in the first six months of our marriage. It has been SO hard but I’ve never given up, and I keep trying. GOOD FOR YOU for finally breaking through!! I hope I can do it too!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      You can! Trust me! No matter how long it takes, it could be so much worse – we could have gained 50 back! Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Kate P

    Hi Jen! I am thinking of starting the cleanse and I was wondering how you dealt with the no caffeine part of it? I LOVE my coffee- is there any room for it in the cleanse at all or must I give it up? Im also concerned about having to buy all the extra snack things… it seems like it could get really expensive. Anyt thoughts on that? THANK YOU. YOU look AMAZING.

  • Jessica George

    I have struggled with the 180s for the last year. 189 to 185 to 183 back to 189 after a bad day. I had a birthday this week and tried to kick myself in gear. Working out every morning at 530am (i already eat fairly well but have a sit down job).

    Long Story Short- I think the 180s are cursed.