In Case of Emergency – TRACK YOUR FOOD – Weekly Weigh In

I was headed into emergency mode.  My emergency was not being able to fit into any of my summer clothes…when I say ANY, I mean ANY!  Even my workout clothes were tight.  If that doesn’t yell EMERGENCY, I don’t know what does!

My mom, sensing my emergency state of living, challenged me to a Tracking Challenge.

You all that have been here any length of time know that I am competitive and I love a good challenge.  So, my mom, knowing these things about me challenged me to a Tracking Challenge.  The rules were simple.  I had to track every single thing I put in my mouth starting the next day (the day after Mother’s Day) until I leave to go to Savannah for a FitBloggin conference, June 26.  That is the rule.  Plain and simple…well, should be theoretically.  The point is, I still have to track and do the work.

No challenge is complete without a prize, right?  So, she is giving me $100 to spend in Savannah when I complete the challenge.  That is an added bonus for me because money motivates me!

So, I accepted her challenge and my tracking has been on point.  Now, just because it is on point doesn’t mean that every day is how it should be.  For the first few days, I did pretty well and my days looked like this:

My Fitness Pal Under Calorie Goal

Then, there were a few days that looked like this:

My Fitness Pal Over Calorie Goal

My tracker actually looked like that several days last week when it was the end of the school year, parties were happening and luncheons.  But…I tracked.  Every-single-thing, I tracked.  And…trust me, it would have been much worse if I had not been tracking.  I would have eaten much more.  You know, a mini candy bar here, a few M & M’s there.  Here a candy bar, there a cookie, everywhere a calorie calorie.  I have this thing of making something into a song, sorry!

So, even Saturday when we went out for Sonic burgers and milkshakes, I tracked it:

My Fitness Pal Way Over Calorie Goal

It was ugly but I tracked it.

I should mention too that I lowered my daily calorie target to 1200 calories a day.  So when I am over, I am actually not over as much as it looks.  It is a mind trick thing for me and my doctor recommended staying around 1200 calories a day in order to lose an average of 2 pounds a week.  Adjust your calories accordingly!

Now, my weigh in days are Tuesday so for tomorrow, I am not expecting miracles with all my overages last week but the week before that, when I was on point, I had a great loss:

My Fitness Pal Weekly Weigh In May 20 2014

That would be a loss of 4.2 pounds, thank you very much!  Oh…and for the hater on this post – there is the number for you.  I told you I would get around to posting it eventually… Oh, and if we were friends on My Fitness Pal, you would have known about that loss a week ago, so friend me already (jenniferswafford).

Now, I will weigh tomorrow and the number is what it is.  I did not have a stellar week last week but you know what, I tracked.  And I promise you, it would have been much worse if I had not tracked.

So, once again, I was reminded that tracking is key.  It is key to losing weight.  We have to be conscious of what we are putting in our mouths because we seriously UNDERestimate the caloric value of foods – especially late at night when we are hungry and know we have overeaten.

I will continue to track, good and bad and I will get that $100 reward from my sweet mother.  But…it really isn’t about the $100.  It’s about fitting into clothes that I wore comfortable last summer.  It is about feeling good in my own skin again.  It is about NOT getting sick and feeling healthy.  It is about ME.

So, track on people.  I promise you will NOT regret it.  Write-that-stuff-down!

What is your favorite tracking tool?  Are you a MyFitnessPal user or a Weight Watcher tracker or paper and pencil or do you use an app? Share your method for others to get an idea!

Track on!


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