If your Tracker Could Talk – Weekly Weigh In

This week, I NEEDED to go to my meeting.  I told you all about the frustrations I was having, I had a horrible day on Monday (lots of stress) and I literally NEEDED to go to my meeting.  I NEEDED to weigh in and I NEEDED to listen to Jacynta.  I NEEDED support from others and I NEEDED to get my butt back in my meetings.

This weigh in was the first time EVER I have busted out crying on the scale!  Poor Kyle!  I reassured her it wasn’t HER or even the three pounds I had gained.  It wasn’t the fact that I hit 190 pounds…damn it.  It was all the stress of the day, plus the stress from my new grade level, plus the stress of life that did it.  I stood there and cried.  It was ugly.  Then, through the whole meeting, a steady stream of tears came down my face through the meeting.


But…I NEEDED it.  I needed to be able to sit, listen to someone motivate me and make me laugh, listen to others share their successes and struggles and just BE.  And, I needed a good cry.

So, here is the ugly truth.

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In September 23

I am mortified.  How did I let myself sail right on upward through the 180′s to hit 190 again?  What the hell?!?!?!?!?  But…I have already told you enough about my frustrations and I am planning to change.  I have already started and I am hoping for a good weigh in next week…at least enough to get me quickly out of the 190′s.  That number is NOT fun for me!

This week, the meeting topic was all about your tracker.  The tracker is an amazing little thing.  If you track what you eat, you lose weight.  If you don’t track what you eat, you don’t lose weight.  It ‘aint rocket science people!  So, why is it so hard?!?

If my tracker could talk, what would it say?  Great question.  Here are a few things mine would say:

  • “So lonely”
  • “Where is everybody?”
  • “I miss being used”
  • “Did I offend someone?”
  • “Why did she abandon me?”
  • “Was it something I said?”
  • “I sure wish she would come back to me!”

Do any of those sound like your tracker?  Mine is totally lonely and feels deserted.  I certainly have not tracked in weeks or months even.  My poor tracker is missing me and lord knows, I miss it.

Tracking is really a funny thing.  It is so cut and dry but why do we make it so difficult?  We don’t have time to look up the points value of the food but we have time to sit and watch television?  We don’t have time to write it down but we have time to sit in front of the computer on Facebook?

I think the “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t work anymore.  With the app, Weight Watchers has truly made it so easy to track.  You can literally find the food in seconds of searching for it.  There is also the barcode scanner that you can use to make it even easier!

I find that when I use any excuses for not tracking, the truth is that I don’t want to be honest with myself about how much I am eating.  I can’t hide when I put in a food in the tracker and it shows me how many points plus it is.  Reality!!!!

I am committing from this day and for the next 10 days, I will track every thing that goes in my mouth.  Liquid or solid (those liquid points add up sometimes!).  Who out there has not been such a good tracker that wants to do it with me.

10 days, we can do anything for ten days!

Will you track with me for the next ten days?  If your tracker could talk, what would it say?

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  • Pam

    I struggle with tracking too. The honesty of it mocks me when I question whythe scale isn’t reading what I want it to say. I am with you – 10 days of tracking. If I lose weight, I have to track another 10 days.

  • Stephanie

    I have been doing really well tracking for the past month and dropped a lot of weight. My goal was to lose some weight before my upcoming birthday and I am happy that I stuck with my goals and did it. But, there is more to go. And, if you know how birthdays go, they often stretch into birth weekends or birth weeks.

    I want to keep this trend going but don’t want to not have a good time eating with family and friends. But, i am going to commit, I will track everything for the next 10 days (even if I go way over points+, I think I need to make the commitment with you!)

  • Debbie Melnick

    I was at goal and maintained about 6 months and then I stopped tracking and gained 15 lbs back. I’m really mad at myself for doing this and I agree with what you said about being honest with yourself it’s so true. If I was tracking I wouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV with a quart of ice cream. I will track for the next 10 days with you and I hope I also have a better WI next week.

  • http://www.tatlockstruth.blogspot.com/ Shannon Tatlock

    I am using MFP, but I will track with you for 10 days! Let’s do this! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  • Emily

    I LOVE tracking! I think I’ve turned it into a game in my head. I especially love pre-tracking my meals for the day, which gets me excited about snacks/treats/drinks that I can have after I’ve tracked. I’m also a teacher, so I totally get where you’re coming from. I take lots of fruit to work, and pack my lunch and track it the night before. You CAN do it!

  • Laura Bolan

    I’m definitely in for the 10 day tracking challenge! I struggle with not wanting to face the music of how much I ate, but when I do write everything down I feel accomplished and even more motivated :)

  • Beth Mason

    I’ve been tracking everything even when I go over my calories for the day. (I use my FitBit app to track.) I think committing to track has made me realize this is an everyday thing. I can go over one day and still have a loss (or a least not a gain) for the week!

    I’ll commit with you to track for the next 10 days!

  • Wendy

    My tracker would say “Welcome Back Stranger!” I joined WW online, yet again, yesterday!

  • Traci Frisbee

    I started back on tracking this past Monday! I have done good, it really makes you see what exactly the problem is!! I know you will do great!! But you know.. we are our own worse enemy!! Keep you head up!!! Remember..”Take Pride in how far you have come AND have faith in how far you can GO!!!! Good luck!!!! P.S. Love your site!!! Its my fav!!! Traci

  • boyleprice

    My tracker would say all of those things! I’m in…10 days…I’ll do it! Thanks for the timely motivation!!!

  • Tammy Cook

    I’m in!

  • Janice

    hi there, is that you are so stressed out that the gain ???

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  • http://christinashaw.com TinaShaw

    I track but I still gained, too (would guess around 190 myself!). :( It’s life – I know mine will always be up and down like this, even once I hit goal and maintain. Am hoping October will be better – weight loss challenge at work! Here’s to hoping it gets better for you, too!

  • Becky_J

    Tracking is hard… but like anything you need to make it a habit. 10 days is a tough goal. How about make the goal of tracking on the weekdays first then move on to the weekends. I know it’s hard to gain. Trust me… we have all been there. But take a second and look at your weight tracker. Look how far you have come! That is incredible. Our bodies can be crazy sometimes and with stress it throws everything out of wack. It’s a journey and a process. You are headed down the right road. Congratulations on where you have been and to the amazing road before you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!