Gettin’ Ready for Turkey Day – Weekly Weigh In

This week at my weekly meeting, we planned out our Thanksgiving plates.  I was only semi paying attention.  Just that morning I had received the news that my beloved Jacynta was leaving and all I could think about was how this was her last meeting.

My weigh in was anti-climactic.  I was thankful to see a tiny dip down:

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In November 18

Down 0.6.  That is just with paying semi-attention to what I was eating.  Imagine if I paid full attention what could happen?!?

So..back to this being Jacynta’s last meeting…I wanted to throw her a party.  I wanted to scream from the rooftop how much I have LOVED her support over the past five years.  I wanted to sit and cry and cherish her all at the same time.  But…I sat through the same Thanksgiving plate preparation I have sat through for the last four years.  I got the points plus values down to a “T”.  I was only off in my calculations by one points plus for the whole plate.  I better be close after all these years!  I know to stay away from any food that ends in the work Pie or Casserole.  I know that we really need to watch our portion sizes and not pile it on.  I know to choose only special foods that are special to the day like my dad’s northern stuffing (which I was told this week he might not be making!  HORROR!).

I KNOW what to do to be successful on Thanksgiving.  Hell…I won a big weight loss competition that was during the holidays.  So, why do we choose NOT to do what we know to do?  Why do we pile on the food like it is our last meal and then sit and let the triptophan kick in.  Why do we eat the pie and then have another piece later?  Why do we go into a food coma and feel stuffed afterwards?  Is it because the food is so darn good or is it just because that is what we have always done?

I think so many times in life, we do what we have always done.  Well, if I do what I have always done, I am going to get what I have always gotten…weight gain!

This year, let’s try something different.  This year, let’s focus on the people and not the food.  Let’s have a modest amount of food and really try to focus on the people.  Sit at the table and look around.  Look at the people that are close to you.  It might be family, friends, or loved ones.  Instead of face down shoveling in the food, sit face-up and just look around at those people around you who love you fat or thin.  THEY are what make Thanksgiving special.

Just like Jacynta is what made my Weight Watchers meetings special.  I know there are other leaders out there.  I know there are other leaders out there who are probably great.  I know there are other leaders out there who could probably make me laugh like she did.  I know there are other leaders out there who could learn to love me.  But, this leader, my Jacynta was there with me through it all.  We have a bond.  SHE was the one who wrote me the life changing postcard.  She was the one who had a big clappy hand going whenever a big milestone was reached.  SHE was the one who told me stories that made me laugh uncontrollably.  SHE was special and will always be MY Weight Watchers leader.

This Thanksgiving, let’s look around and be thankful for who we have sitting with us at the table.  Just like Jacynta will never be at another one of my Weight Watchers meetings, those people at the table might not ever be at your Thanksgiving table again.  Don’t take anyone for granted.  Let’s focus on the people this year and NOT the food.  They make life worth living!

Who are you thankful for this year and WHY?

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  • Keri Lynn Edmunds

    I love your blog. I have struggled with my weight for years. I have over 150 pounds to lose.

  • Wendy

    Thank God I never got into Thanksgiving – I lost my Mom July 2012 so holidays aren’t the same – my brother is grilling steaks and baked potato’s for us :-), then we go to my husband’s family on Saturday and they do the full blown meal. Over eating is not an issue this holiday – but talk to me at Christmas when all the candies come out……..

  • Lynne

    I am thankful to be healthy, for my family and for the year I’ve had… FINALLY. It is the first Thanksgiving in DECADES that I have not drawn on a paper plate, mapping out my plan for a single meal. Last year 2012 – summer – my WW leader of 7 years – Wendy, left the company. She was such a motivator and I followed her to what ever facility WW sent her. She used to start every meeting by saying “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m wearing a belt.” It was the one thing she was most proud of at goal – the purchase of a belt, that she not only needed, but made her outfit complete. She never went a day without one… I quit WW for the last time in August 2012. I just couldn’t keep repeating a process that clearing wasn’t working for me. I tried something new and completely out of my comfort zone. This year I bought a belt. Everyday I cinch it up and think of Wendy. I don’t count points, but I am at goal and it is the most amazing feeling. Remember?! You can do it too!

  • Levithornton

    Very heart filled post. I’m going to San Diego for Thanksgiving week with family and I’m little nervous about gaining weight but your post reminded me just to chill out and enjoy a little. I’ll still make sure I won’t go crazy (because I often I do), but I need to worry about how I spend with my family.

  • Amanda Hart

    I really appreciate your posts. Last week we were told that our meeting was closing. Not only have I lost my leader, but also the whole group! We were a close bunch and it sucks. It just reminds us though that this struggle and journey needs to be about us. I am in this for me. We will overcome this- it just may not be as fun as it was;)

  • Rachele

    Your post are so inspiring and helpful:) with that said, I’m thankful for my siblings. We are so close and just love spending time together:)