Get Moving – Weekly Weigh In

Today I went to a new Weight Watchers meeting.  Before you freak out, NO I did not traitor my fearless leader, Jacynta.  I just went to a new meeting of hers!  I went to a Friday morning meeting MUCH closer to my house and with my sister so I was one happy camper.  Then…I weighed in…and…

I lost 2.8!!!

I was thrilled to reach a total of 90 pounds lost, AGAIN.  Now, I just need to continue in this direction until I reach 100 pounds lost again.

The meeting was all about moving more.  This is a topic in which I feel I have a good handle on most of the time.  I could definitely be more consistant but I am always trying to move more and NOT give in to my exer-scuses!

Exercise Should Be about rewarding the body

The good news is, Weight Watchers is giving members incentives to move more this summer.  All we have to do is sign up for their Live Life Active challenge and you could win LOTS of prizes!  It is so easy to sign up and after you do, all you have to do is track your activity to be eligible to win.  Easy Peasy, right?

Speaking of moving more, a few of my friends and myself signed up for a Gorilla Challenge tomorrow in downtown Atlanta.  We don’t really know what we have gotten ourselves into but I do know it involves walking for two plus hours, solving clues, and doing wacky things.  I’m there.  I can’t wait to see how many activity points I get after all the walking I will be doing.

As far as the rest of the summer goes, I plan to exercise MOST days out of the week.  My hubby and I have discussed getting up super early a few days a week to go run outside before it gets too hot!  I am also thinking of doing a schedule like my half-marathon training schedule because I tend to do better when I have it written down.

What are your plans for activity this summer?  I know it gets hot outside so plan accordingly.  Let’s all plan to move more this summer and get in those extra points so we can EAT more!


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  • Sally Symonds

    Hey Jennifer – just discovered your page.  Well done & keep going. I lost 99 pounds in 33 weeks in 2002-3, kept that weight off for five years and then lost another 19 pounds after that (which I’ve also kept off).  I’m heading to USA tomorrow actually to be a part of a new show on Discovery Channel – but I’ve done a lot of Australian TV.  Also just released weight loss book number  three for me (50 Ways to Weight Loss Motivation).  Keep spreading the good word!  Cheers, Sally

    • Jennifer Swafford

      WOW Sally…amazing! Good for you! Good luck on your tv show! Let us know what it is so we can watch!