Drop the Starbucks and Slowly Back Away – Weekly Weigh In

Weight Watchers Saturday it is.  First things first, the weigh in:

Weight Watchers Weigh In March 23, 2013

Down 1.8.  I will take it.  If I continue on this path, losing about a pound a week, I will have lost 11 more pounds by my birthday.

Am I thrilled with a pound a week?  No.  Do I want to lose more?  Absolutely.  Is my body adjusting to the new way of eating and weight training? I sure hope so.

To be completely honest with you, I thought I would be losing faster by now.  I am a little discouraged.  However, I feel great, have more energy, sleep amazingly, and feel like I am losing inches.  I trust Larry, the Crossfit guy, and I believe that any day now, my body is going to start losing some poundage.  TRUST.  That is key in all of this.  Stay the course, stay focused, and TRUST in the plan.

Now, on to today’s meeting topics.  DRINKS!

Do you know how many points plus are in what you drink a day?  A ton of people in the meeting room were saying they are throwing back 12-15 points plus a day just in beverages!

I get it if you are a big partier and go out drinking.  However, in everyday life, drinking that many calories and fat grams?!?  I can’t imagine!

Of course, I have reduced my liquid intake to water and coffee only so I am not one to talk.  However, I could easily have ordered a Venti Caramel Machhiato or a Venti Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks last weekend when I was in Chicago.

Let’s say I did.  If I had ordered a Venti Peppermint Mocha with whip (like the good fat ole’ days), I would have consumed 450 calories, 23 grams of fat and 13 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Starbucks Heart Cups

Let’s go with another favorite, the White Chocolate Mocha (Bird’s favorite, my brother in law pictured above!).  Holy heavenly!  It tastes so sweet you would swear your veins were just hooked up to a sugar IV.  A venti with whip one of these babies will throw you back 620 calories, 27 grams of fat, and…you ready for this…17 Weight Watchers Points Plus!  Holy Crap!

One more…just for sh*ts and giggles.  Let’s go with my husband’s favorite.  A nice, Venti Java Chip Frappuccino with whip.  This one has a mere 560 calories, 15 grams of fat, and is 16 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Now, as shocking as those are, Starbucks has not hidden this information AT ALL.  They clearly have nutrition on their menu online and you can even customize it so you can choose a better option.  The key is, it is a choice.  However, don’t go in there and order that Venti, yummy, delicious, beverage; drink it all and then say, “My gosh…I had no idea that was so bad for me!”  I’m just ASSuming people do this…not me, surely no, I have never done that.  Okay maybe once twice.

You don’t go to Starbucks?  Just Dunkin’ Donuts.  Well, check out this post where I unveiled a few mistakes Dunkin’ is making.

So, coffee isn’t your thing?  You prefer alcohol?  Well, head on over to Fitness Magazine where I did a whole post on cocktails!

So, here’s the deal.  To some of you, fancy drinks are worth the cost of admission.  You are ok with the points plus because maybe you saved ALL of your weekly points plus extras and Damn it, you want that drink.  Of course, that is fine.  If you have a big party you are going to and you plan to drink yourself into an oblivion, fine. However, a few times a week or everyday is NOT a good choice.  With most of those drinks, we are talking at least half of your daily points plus.

I will challenge you this week to measure your liquids.  Make sure you are being honest and accountable with yourself as to HOW MUCH you are really drinking.  If possible, find alternatives that work for you!

For me, I am going to measure the cream I put in my coffee.  That is the only “bad” liquid I use and I truly have no idea how much I am putting in there.  I will measure it so I can have an accurate account for my behavior.

What liquid are you going to commit to measuring and tracking this week?

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  • mmartin72

    This is my head nodding we talked about the sodium in our drinks as well today at my meeting. And how that affects your weight loss.

  • Jennifer Bartlett – Collins

    I’ve started ordering a grande iced coffee w/ sugar free mocha syrup, no milk. Its about 30 calories, sweet & cold! Great for FL hot humid summers!!

  • Stacie

    Awesome post. I too am a sucker for Starbucks. I’ve been good staying away and ordering skinny lattes when I go, but have replaced with coffee @ home with creamer. MUST MEASURE! haha good luck this week. I am just starting back up with weight watcher and will enjoy your posts :-)

  • Staci Moize

    I just posted the other day that I realized if I lose one pound a week for the rest of the year, I will be down 41 pounds by the last Sat in December and right on the verge or my goal weight. I never knew a pound could add up so much! This week, I lose 2.5. Some weeks, I will probably gain or maintain. But I think 1.8 is a great loss. I drink all 0 points+ drinks.

  • Jen M

    I’ve been sticking with water and the only liquid I use is juice for my smoothies. 8oz of apricot or cranberry juice is 4pts. I’m sure if I really wanted to buckle down I could make my own juice for them or just use water (which I do sometimes). At this point I’m just trying to phase out the juice now. I miss Starbucks :(

  • amber

    I admit it. I am addicted to caffine and use 10 points every single day on coffee, but to me it is worth it. I am happier when I have coffee and I can do so without depriving myself or feeling hungry. Even with a latte a day, I have managed to lose 30 pounds, so I am going to keep doing what I have been doing. Also a pound a week is totally normal and healthy!