Doritos are the Devil – Weekly Weigh In

Doritos are the devil.

Alright so hear me out before all of you Dorito lovers come after me!  I LOVE Doritos.  They are so yummy and they fill that afternoon carb craving just perfectly.  However, eating half a bag mindlessly because you are not thinking about what you are putting in your mouth is NOT going to work if you want to lose weight.  Just saying.

This past week was a very interesting one.  We started the week being iced in and ended the week wearing flip flops and t-shirts.  Welcome to Georgia.  I had these intense cravings that I thought were due to being cooped up inside and being “off” my routine.  But…it turned out that Aunt Flo came early and she came pissed for some reason.  So…cramps and cravings and irritability all rolled up into one cute package make me a Dorito eating fool.  Oh…and we ate out a few times.  Eating out is also of the devil if you are trying to lose weight and save money.  Lots of devils in my life this week!

Devils = weight gain.  Thankfully not a ton of weight but a gain nonetheless.

January 16, 2017 Weekly Weigh In

0.2.  For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know I will do whatever it takes if I am close to NOT gaining or hitting a milestone like taking off my bra, using the bathroom, etc.  I didn’t really do much today to try and NOT see a gain because this year isn’t about smoke and mirrors.  It is about REAL life.  REAL ups and down.  REAL devils in your life and how to overcome them.  So, instead of stripping naked and going to the bathroom and waiting 10 minutes, I owned it, recorded it and now I am moving on.

First step – remove the Doritos.  They are gone.  No more Doritos are allowed in my house.  I have removed all the sweets and now the junky carbs are gone.  Set yourself up for success!  Next, no more eating out.  This week, I will cook ALL meals.  We spend too much money when we eat out and I eat too many calories.  So, this week I will cook.  I will plan and I will shop and I will cook.

I did good last week on exercise hitting four days.  This week, I will try to continue that momentum and hit four days again.  I can at least get in workouts on the weekends!  Working out 2-3 days after school is going well for me too so I will keep that up.

This week, I will encourage you to remove the devils from your life.  What food is holding you back?  What do you immediately reach for when you are stressed/bored/sad/happy?  Find it and throw it in the garbage.

How was your week last week?  Share your devil in the comments below and get ready to see success this week!

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