Believe It and You Will Achieve It – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

Believe it and you will achieve it. Do you believe this statement? I have seen it on Facebook lately and it has really got me thinking. Can I really do something if I believe hard enough that I can?

If you can believe you can achieve

My belief that I am actually going to lose weight and get to my goals goes up and down like the tide in the ocean. Sometimes I feel like I can do it and really believe it, then other times I feel like it is just an impossible dream.

What I do believe, with all of my heart, is that weight loss is a mental game. It is all played out in your head, not in what you eat. Yes, food does play a big role in whether you lose weight or not. But……I also believe that you can sabotage yourself with your own mind. It is a mental game and I am trying to get in the right mind frame and stay there.

I had a good Labor Day weekend. I spent it in the mountains with my family, but diet wise, it was hard. Of course there was junk to eat. Lots of it. While everyone was consuming this junk food I was sticking to my Medifast meals and I won’t lie, I felt deprived. I was pretty grumpy. Do you think that feeling of deprivation lasted? No, it passed and I felt much better after it did. Then, I felt accomplished. Like I had done something really good for myself and I was actually a little proud of myself.

Now, I could have let that feeling of deprivation get to my head and say “screw it, I am eating what I want and enjoying my weekend”, but I didn’t. Instead I ate on plan and came home not having gained any weight and being down a little on the scale. That right there is how you beat the mind games. You just suck it up and do what you have to do.

The weekend was not all happy go lucky. I had to deal with some deaths. My husbands uncle passed away at the age of 73. While I was out of town, I also found out my neighbor’s daughter who was just 18 years old also passed away in a car accident. Let me just tell you whether you are 18 or 73 years old you just never know when your time here on earth is done. Are you spending those years doing something worthwhile or are they just slipping by never to be seen again?

I want my kids to remember me as a vibrant, thin, mom. Not someone who is overweight and can’t get up to do anything with them. I want to be remembered differently than I am now, so now, I have to change in order to be remembered differently.

Jennifer has lost 100 pounds. I have known her for 36 years now (remember she is my sister), I don’t remember her being 100 pounds heavier. When I see pictures of her at her higher weight, I don’t remember her looking like that. So yes, I can change my weight and people will remember me being thin and healthy when I get there because I believe that I will get there.

Believe you Can and You Will

I guess what I am saying is, live a life you will be proud of and how you want to be remembered because no one knows when God is going to call us home to be with Him.

I had a good week with my weight loss and am starting to believe more and more that I will be able to lose this weight. I am down 2 pounds and have gotten rid of more than 30 pounds. I am on a weight loss roll right now and just plan for that to continue. I can’t wait to see what my future holds for me!!

Do you believe that you will meet your weight loss goals and has your mind ever played tricks on you to deter you from those goals?


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

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  • Kim

    I really enjoyed this post!!!
    I think that there is a lot of truth to the whole “believe it and you will achieve it.” I think if you completely doubt yourself then you will never achieve your goals. I agree that you have to do more than just believe (there has to be some effort involved) but the mental goes a long way to accomplishing any goal!

  • Sabrina P

    Excellent job!!!! It is so rewarding to pass on the junk food and stay on plan. Most of the time when I would give in to junk that other people were eating, I found that it wasn’t really as good as I was imagining it to be. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s even better than I remember but more often than not, I regret my decision. YAY for you for sticking it out !!!!! Continuing to pray for your strength and perseverance in your weight loss journey! You can do it!!!!!

  • Pamela Webb Mearsheimer

    Weight loss is indeed a mental game. What I am telling myself is that I am not depriving myself of food when I watch what I eat, but when I don’t eat well I am depriving myself of health. However – it’s still a mental struggle.

  • Laura Bolan

    It is defnitely a mind game, it takes such strength and willpower to saying no to junk food for an entire weekend. Wonderful job on losing 30 lbs so far, you will make it to your goal :)

  • Rachel Jett

    Great job Katherine! You sound like you have a great mindset to me! You are already a success and you haven’t met your goal yet! Every day that you continue down this path is another notch in the belt, and another day closer to being the you that you want to be! The best part of this blog in my opinion was the part about being the you that you want people to remember! So many of us (me) often times exist, and do not truly live! We need to do exactly what you described and embrace this life that God has given us!! Your family is proud of you, and so are all of your blog “fans.” You are an inspiration to all of us!

  • jack

    tanks for the information

    I find your blog very amazing.

    good continuiation.

  • Kendra Taylor

    These are the words that I wish I were eloquent enough to say, but that I have felt for so long, only I have the hardest time feeling the optimism. The biggest thing is that I will NOT quit!

  • Carole Holmes

    I needed this pep talk, having not felt well myself for a couple of weeks it is so easy to use the excuse that I will do better after I get better. So goes the circle of not going anywhere!

  • Felice

    Hi there, i was browsing for lose weight blogs and i find your blog. Your blog looks interesting so i can’t help it but to say hi! Oh btw i have been struggling to lose weight for half my life :( even now my mind never stop thinking about it.

  • Menshealth99

    Jennifer, your before and after photos are not only amazing, but truly inspiring to anyone trying to lose weight and thinks they cant. I write on health and fitness, and would love to feature you in my blog.


  • Face

    I was looking around for weight loss blogs, because i am currently running my own, but i just want to say, hang in there, sometimes it might be hard, but anything worth doing ain’t easy :-)
    It is totally a game of will, if you want it enough, you will get there!