Be a Better Planner – Weekly Weigh In

I went to my first Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting this week.  I got there bright and early right before 8:00 a.m. with plans to go to Crossfit before 9:00.  I have such an amazing leader that I refuse to go to a meeting close to my house even though it would be more convenient.  Key point to remember:  When you find someone who helps you be successful in weight loss (as my WW leader does for me), DO NOT give them up!  Make it work!  On the same note, if you find someone who DOES NOT support your weight loss efforts, move on and find someone who does.  THere – Don’t say I never taught you anything.  Ha!

Anyway…on to the weigh in.

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In March 9, 2013

Down exactly a pound.  I wasn’t thrilled with that but my trainer said to be patient.  Right now my body is adjusting to the new diet and exercise and it is going to take a few weeks for it to adjust.  He said normally he would forbid people to weigh in for at least 4-6 weeks.  However, since I insisted, he allowed me to weigh in.

Next weekend I will be in Chicago on a work trip so I won’t weigh in for two more weeks.  I will be excited to see the number then!

On to the topic of the week…Planning.

I think you all know by now that I am a planner.  Holy cannoli am I a planner.  Just ask my husband.  Most of the time he loves it but sometimes he doesn’t.  Along with being a planner comes a sense of “freak out when change happens!”  If we have planned something and it doesn’t go just as we plan it, we tend to freak out.

But…when it comes to weight loss, planning is absolutely key.  I believe that with all my heart.

For this post, I am speaking mostly to those people who are NOT natural planners.  Those people find themselves asking, “What should I eat for dinner” and it is like 6:00 p.m.  What tends to happen when this question is asked at that late of an hour?  The drive thru!  I hear ya!  Been there, done that!

As much of a planner as I am, there is always room to improve.  My mom used to put a menu up on the fridge at the beginning of every week.  She would grocery shop and have all the meals planned before the week even began.  I have gotten better but am still not consistent with that.

How would your life change if you planned all of your meals for the week on the weekend?  I would have such a sense of relief!

My biggest weakness with planning would have to be dinner.  Breakfast is easy.  Lunch is done.  It are those darn dinners that will mess me up if anything will!

Today, I spend about an hour cutting and sauteing veggies for “egg cups” to have for breakfast this week.  You see, last week I did not do so well making breakfast in the morning time.  It took me too much time and I ended up late for work at least twice (oops!).  So, Larry, my trainer, gave me a tip and told me about these egg cups I could  make to save time.  I planned ahead, made them, and now I have breakfasts ready for this week.  So much time saved.

This week, I challenge you to be a better planner.  I am sure we can all improve in some way on the planning department.  What one thing will you do this week to be a better planner?

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  • Mindy Frank Cope

    Tell us more about these egg cups.

    • Christine May-Pilgrim

      I do 1 c. Egg whites, 6 eggs, 3 slices chopped
      Canadian bacon, 1/4 c. Shredded cheese, chopped spinach in 12 count muffin tin. 350* for 15 min. = 2 pnts.

  • Jane

    Jen … it’s great that you lost a pound. How would you have felt if you had gained “just” a pound?

    A pound is fantastic, and headed in the right direction. Great job!

    I usually maintain or slightly gain when starting a new exercise regime due my my muscles holding water for repair – so this is a win, my friend.

  • Jennifer Jones

    I totally hear you on the leader…especially since we have the same one. They opened a new center that’s just a few miles from my house and even on the way to my gym, but I still drive down for Friday mornings. I have good leaders before. And I’ve had REALLY BORING leaders before. But I’ve never had one as entertaining and awesome as my current one, so I continue to make the drive.

    Egg cups? Could that be the same as the egg mug? Lots of different recipes, but a basic one is 1/2c of Egg Beaters, a wedge of laughing cow, a slice of ham sandwich meat, torn in pieces, and 1/2 a slice of ww bread, cut up in a mug and microwaved with a sprinkle of cheddar on top? I used to have those EVERY day. Yum!

    • Cindy Nicholson

      How long do you microwave the egg mug?

      • Jennifer Jones

        1 minute, then stir. Then 1 minute more. If you’re gonna try it, you toast the bread first then chop it in little squares. You add the shredded cheese on top after the 1st minute of microwaving.

  • Mandi Blackburn

    My husband and I figure out dinners before we grocery shop every week — we have to because of our staggered late(ish) work schedules; it’s lunch that gives me issues! I am a social creature, so having lunch with my coworkers is a part of my day. I try to make good decisions out, but monetarily it SUCKS! And packing and eating at my desk alone sucks too!

  • Fiona Jesse Giffords

    Planning everything from the beginning of the week wasn’t my habit but when is started dieting.I prefer planned food to track the calories. So sometimes planning can give you positive results.

  • Jenni Ching

    I agree with you on planning! Planning is everything! It is good to be spontaneous in other parts of our lives but definitely not with our foods because as you said that usually results in last minute thinking, which means drive thru food. The Bulu Box crew says keep up the GREAT work Jennifer, you are almost there:)


  • Frank

    Keep up the great work Jennifer! 1 pound lost is 1 pound closer to your goal…I totally agree with you that breakfast & lunch are easy & dinner is always the toughest…planning meals ahead of time is key like you said…last minute meals can cause a lapse in judgement…Frank

  • Rachael MacLean

    Love reading your blogs, you are so real which I admire! In regard to the evening dinner planning, I have learnt how to do this for all my weekly meals. I look up various low calorie dinners and write out my list as the week goes on. If I don’t do this I know that I will slip up and cook not so good meals for myself and my family. Another great weight loss idea is taking out carbs from your dinner meals and replace with lots of vegetables or salad with your meat, you will see weight loss results quite quickly with this one. I have done this for a few weeks now and the next morning always feel results around my tummy area. Just brilliant feeling!