At the Beach – Weekly Weigh In

I stopped by Weight Watchers on Friday briefly to weigh in because I am headed out of town for the beach.  Even though I had so much to do, I knew I needed to make time to weigh in and hold myself accountable.  The scale didn’t move much last week…

Down 0.2 pounds.  A loss is a loss, right?  At least it wasn’t a gain!

We made it safe and sound to Destin, Florida!  We arrived late on Saturday night and immediately went to the beach.  The sunset was beautiful as we were driving in!

Driving to the Beach in Destin

Once we got to the beach, the sunset was even prettier!

Destin Florida at Sunset

Days are being spent at the beach and pool while at night, there is LOTS of family togetherness!

We went out to dinner for Father’s Day last night.

Dad and Jen at the Beach

LOVE my dad!  Did you have a chance to read his success story?  Read it and let me know what you think of it!

Here are Jason and me at dinner last night:

Jen and Jason

We are relaxing and enjoying ourselves immensely!

I might be MIA for the next few days.  I am going to continue to enjoy my family and time with the hubs.  Stay healthy and well and I will see you all when I am a little bit tanner!

What are your plans to make this week awesome!?!

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  • Losing the Rolls

    Wow, love the beach photos. Have a great week. We’re due for rain this week (Seattle), so work, rain and trying to stay on plan with my eating will be the focus of this week.

  • Xaichai

    Any weight lost, no matter how small, is still good. Heck, not gaining any weight is still good. Hope you enjoy Florida! I live close to Daytona Beach and it’s been super rainy!