Accountability is Key – Weekly Weigh In

Last night was my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers.  Every Monday night after weighing in, on my way home, I pick up the phone and call my  mom.  Why?  Because I call her to tell her how I did.  Gain or lose, I call her.  If I ever don’t call her, she calls me to ask why I didn’t call.  It is just something we do.  I am accountable to her and she holds me accountable.

Accountability is Key

I also thought it would be helpful if I was accountable to you.  Hence the new category, weekly weigh in.  Every Tuesday I will give you an update of how I did the night before at my weigh in and also talk to you about the topic that was dicussed at my meeting.  That way, if you are not a Weight Watcher member, you can still benefit from the topic!  If you need someone to be accountable to, I am your girl.  Just comment on my weekly weigh in and tell me how you did last week.  Accountability is a big piece of success.

Last night, I had a good weigh in.  Well, actually, I had a great weigh in.  Last week my husband joined a weight loss competition.  We were very careful with our eating and I exercised like a feign.  I expected a good weigh in because of those things.  In fact, I expected a better weigh in then what I had so I was a little disappointed.  YOU READY??


Drum Roll….

I lost three pounds!  Yep, for the first time in the last nine weeks, I lost three whole pounds.  Hallelujah.

The meeting was good.  It talked all about how we are the boss and we are accountable for our own actions.  We are the only ones in control of our weight loss.  Have you ever blamed your weight gain on someone else?  Have you blamed it on the hubby or the wife who bought something not so good at the grocery store?  Yes, I am sure it was their fault that you ate it.  I am sure they forced you to eat it.  We all know that is not the truth.  The truth is, we have free will.  We have the will to choose and make choices that are good for us.

We were challenged to make good choices this week.  Jacynta challenged us to keep track of our points.  Everyone who tracks every day will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.  If you know me, you know I love competitions and challenges so I am all over this!  Tracking every BLT (bite, lick and taste) will help me lose weight too.

If someone told you that you could take a magic pill that would make you lose two pounds this week, would you take it?  I sure would.  Well, there is no magic pill but there is a simple thing you can do that will be key to your weight loss.  All you have to do is write down everything you eat.  It is really that simple.  Writing down food makes you think twice about what you eat but also holds you accountable.

Accountability is key to weight loss.  Find someone you can be accountable to.  Call someone on the phone once a week.  Post on my weekly weigh in and I will keep you accountable.  Do something, anything, to hold you accountable.  I am challenging you this week to:

1.  Find an accountability partner

2.  Write down everything you eat and stay within your calories or Weight Watchers points plus range

Who is going to accept my accountability challenge?  Comment on this post and tell me what your action plan is for the week and let me know you “are in.”  Let’s hold each other accountable and see some major changes on the scale.

Have a great week of accountability and weight loss!

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