21DayFix Week Two – Weekly Weigh In

For those of you that don’t know, I have been following the 21DayFix program and drinking Shakeology for the past two weeks.  Go back and read THIS and THIS to get caught up!

I finished week two on Monday but with the Fourth of July and such, I am just now getting around to posting.  First of all the good news…

I lost another pound (well, 0.8 to be exact).

The bad news…

It could have been more.  I was not 100% on and ate out a few times and skipped workouts a few times.  So…I will take my 0.8 for a total of…


In two weeks!  NOT TOO SHABBY!

Seriously…7 1/2 pounds in two weeks is totally amazeballs!

So, with this being my last technical week on the 21DayFix, I am going to go all out.  I am going to do my workouts.  I am going to walk.  I am going to fill those little colored containers and measure and I am going to end this with success!  You know why?!?  Because I am worth it!  I am worth every step I have to take.  I am worth every healthy bite.  I am worth every 30 minute workout.  I am worth every bit of sweat and tears.  I am worth it!


you're worth it

You are worth it.  Are you feeling your best?  Are you able to play with your kids the way you want to?  Are you able to walk up a flight of stairs with speed?  Are you able to play like you want to?  Do you sit around the couch too much?  Do you sit around on your iPhone because you have no energy?  Do you take multiple naps a day?  Have you watched the whole Orange is the New Black series because you don’t have energy to do anything else (or are you just addicted to OTNB).

If you answered “NO” to those first questions and “Yes” to the latter, will you consider joining me on my next 21 Day adventure.  There is a special right now where if you buy a bag of Shakeology, you get the whole program for only $10!  You seriously can’t beat that!  AND if I told you you could lose ten or more pounds from this in the next month, would you say “YES!”  Please, do this for YOU.  Do this for your future.  Do this for your life.  Do this for your kids lives.  Do this for your husband.  Do this for your HEALTH!  Inbox me.  Message me on FB.  Get in touch with me and say “YES”.  That’s all you have to say and I will send you the information on how to order and how to get started.

Week two done…on to week three!  Then, a brand new start!  Join me!

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.