21DayFix Week One – Weekly Weigh In

Today was my first weigh in after completing a full week of the 21DayFix program.  I did really well last week and tried my best to eat like I should and exercise.  We had a bit of an issue this weekend when my husband ended up in the ER.  But, again, I tried to stay on track as much as possible with hospital food and running back and forth. I was very thankful that I did my workout first thing Friday morning BEFORE we ended up at the emergency room for 24 hours.  So, let’s talk about each aspect of the program a little bit:

First, the food because we all know EVERYTHING is all about the food…well, it is if you LOVE food like I do!  For me, because I am so fatty, you get A LOT of food.  Granted, it is healthy food but still, it is very filling and you get to eat A LOT!  So, I would say that is a bonus.  I was not hungry one-single-time and I made the best dinner one night of steak, brown rice (which I don’t really like but this was quite delicious) and vegetables!  We LOVED it!  So, not only am I eating A LOT, I am finding new recipes that are not only healthy but delish!

Next, the workouts.  First, the positive…they are FAST!

21DayFix Workout

If you are going to workout, you want a big bang for your buck.  To me, that means get a great workout in a short amount a time.  I have to get mine in while Delaney is napping.  Some days, that is barely 30 minutes (stinker!).  They are also at home.  So, when you look like crap, no one sees you!

21DayFix Workout

Big bonus!

Gym Meme

The negative other positive, they are HARD.  This is a negative because I can’t complete the workout like the super skinny Autumn trainer.  Instead, I have to follow the “fluffy” lady, Kat.  Now, there is nothing wrong with being “fluffy.”   Hey, she is in better shape than I am and is definitely smaller so for now, I am striving to be like modifier, Kat.  But, the workouts are divided into segments so it makes the time go by super fast (and they put a handy dandy little timer in the bottom of the screen so you know how much longer you have!)

Last, I want to talk to you about Shakeology.  This is an optional part of the program but I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.  I knew my friend Heidi was in the best shape of her life from eating this way and drinking Shakeology every day so I was going to try it.  I had heard it was “chalky” and didn’t have a good taste.  Well, it tastes good!  I have drank protein powder for quite a while and it tastes like protein powder.  But, the effects it gives you are far better than any protein powder (it better for the price!).  It is packed with so many things that are good for you and it will really transform your body from the inside out.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for.  How was my first week weight wise?  I would say it went well…



Seriously, I was so thrilled.  I had gained a few pounds on vacation and was not feeling great and I went full force into this program and it showed up on the scale.  I was so happy!

How do I feel?  Great!  Sore!  Great and sore!  Is there any better feeling?  I have more energy, I feel like I look better (even though I am sure no one would notice yet) and I am ready to rock the next two weeks.

Another aspect of the program I haven’t talked about yet is the accountability and teamwork.  Right now, I am in a group of about 9 ladies who are all doing the 21DayFix and drinking Shakeology and it is so great to see each other’s successes and hear failures and encourage one another.  I love the group aspect of it.

Two more weeks.  Two more weeks of staying focused, eating well, and exercise!  I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks holds!

If you are at all interested in joining me on this awesome adventure, inbox me!  We have a new accountability group starting right after July 4 and I would love for you to be a part of it!  Send me an email, comment, shout my name, anything to get in touch with me…You won’t regret it!

In the meantime, will you go vote for Delaney to win a photo contest?

IF she wins, we get a $30,000 college scholarship for her.  Can’t beat that!  It seriously takes 15 seconds and you don’t have to put any of your information in!  You can vote once a day so please take the 15 seconds and vote!  Here is the link to vote:  CLICK HERE!

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