21 Day Fix Final Results – Weekly Weigh In

I “finished” the 21DayFix today.  Why is “finished” in quotes you ask?  Well, keep reading and eventually I will tell you!

I lost a bunch of weight the first week.  I lost a little weight the second week.  So, this week was going to be a crap shoot.  Would I lose a bunch, a little, or in between?  Now, as we all know, it isn’t ALL about the scale.  That is so hard for someone who has measured most of her success with that stupid number on the scale.  But, I constantly have to remind myself that there are other measures other than the scale.  So, before I tell you that number, let’s talk about some of the “others!”

  • My mindset – This one is first because it is HUGE!  I have a whole new mindset and I am back to eating healthy and exercising.  I think your mindset is most of the battle.  If you are all willy-nilly then you eat all willy-nilly.  If you are serious about getting healthy then you make better choices and you exercise!
  • My clothes – I feel a bit better in them.  Not great but better.  I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage in my fat pants!
  • My self esteem – There is just something about eating better and exercising that automatically gives you a boost in your self esteem.  I don’t know about you but when I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, I feel like I look better (even though I know reality is it takes time!).
  • I have lost inches!  LOTS of inches – So I had my mom measure me in the beginning of June and then again today.  We were both a little shocked at the amount of inches I lost!  I lost the following:

1/2 inch in my bust

None in my waist (darn it)

3 inches in my hips (YEAH!)

3 inches in my arms

8.5 inches in my thighs (wowzers!)

For a total of:  15 inches TOTAL!  WOW!  That is crazy!

Now, for the weight.  I lost 2.4 pounds last week and a total of…drumroll please…

9.8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here was my starting weight…

21DayFix Weight Before

And my weight today…

21DayFix Weight After

In 3 weeks!!!!

I will take it!

So, back to why “finished” is in quotes…I don’t think I will ever “finish” this new way of eating.

There is no Finish line so love the journeyYou see, clean eating with an occasional indulgence should be the way we all live our life and eat.  21DayFix is simply portion control with healthy foods.  That’s it.  They believe you can overeat on healthy foods just like anything and it keeps your eating in moderation.

One thing I need to touch upon is the Shakeology aspect of the program.


I know there are many Shakeology haters out there and I will admit to you that I was skeptical for two years.  My friend Heidi asked me for two whole years to try it and I was always, “Nope…can’t afford it.”  Well, that was the truth for a while.  I was going through some financial hardships and I truly could not afford it.  I was working two jobs just to pay my basic bills.  But, this May when Heidi asked me again, I could afford it and with a 100% money back guarantee, I was like, “Why not?!”  So, I gave it a go.  Now, I do think it takes longer than one month to decide if something is the most fabulous something out there but let me tell you the facts that I have seen consistently drinking a Shakeology shake every day.

  • I have had NO sweet cravings…none.  I even bought my husband a frosty the other day and didn’t even want a bite.  Weird for me.  SO weird.
  • I have had an increase of energy.  Now, this could be from eating better and exercising but I do think the Shakeology helped too.
  • I have just felt good.  I have felt healthy and energized and ready to tackle the day.  With as many superfoods and vitamins that are in there, I should!

So, I am thankful that I can now afford Shakeology and give it a real try!  I do think it is a big part of the program and I know for as many people who “hate” it (even though they didn’t try it), there are equally as many that love it.

Let me sum up the 21DayFix for you.  It was a total and complete success.  9.8 pounds and 15 inches and a new mindset.  I will take it!

I will be starting a new 21DayFix if anyone wants to do it with me, let me know.  It will be interesting to see how many pounds I lose in the next three weeks!  Even if I lose 1-2 pounds a week, 3-6 pounds is better than no pounds (or even gaining a pound).  The special is still on where if you buy a bag of Shakeology (with a 100% money back guarantee less S&H if you don’t love it!), you get the whole program for only $10!  It really is worth every penny.

Let me know if you want to join me on my next round!  I am one step closer to a healthier me.  How are your fitness goals coming?

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