10 Minutes A Day – Weekly Weigh In

I wasn’t expecting a great number on the scale this week.  I didn’t weigh all week and we ate out A LOT.  Bad, bad, bad!  Usually for me, eating out means gaining weight.  So, I wasn’t expecting greatness!

October 22 Weigh in at Weight Watchers

Down 1.2…wahoo!  Shocker!  Yeah!  Must have been all that exercise!

Speaking of exercise, that was the meeting topic of the day!

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

Raise your hand if you have ever said this.  Oh…earlier today?  Yes, me too!

Who doesn’t have ten minutes a day?  Do you watch television?  I bet you watch longer than 10 minutes a day.  Do you Facebook?  I bet you are on there longer than 10 minutes.  If we get truthful with ourselves, we ALL have 10 minutes a day.

That’s what this week’s meeting topic was.

10 minutes a day.

For the Thanksgiving challenge, Weight Watchers wants us to do a NEW activity for 10 minutes every day.  Now, for some of you, that will be doing any activity at all.  For those of us who walk/run, that is a little more challenging.

As most of you know, I have been training for a half-marathon so my activity of choice lately is run/walking.  In order to do something new, I will either have to join a gym or get creative.  Well, a gym is out of the question so it is time to get creative.

Besides, I can do anything for 10 minutes a day, right?

Here are my daily 10-minute activities:

Tuesday:  2 mile half-marathon training followed by 10 minutes of walking lunges.

Wednesday: 10 minutes of walking up and down stairs.

Thursday:  2 mile half-marathon training and 10 minutes walking the dog (she needs the exercise)

Friday:  I will be mentally preparing to run 13.1 miles the next morning.  NO activity for me today.

Saturday:  I will be run/walking a half marathon so I give myself permission to NOT do a new activity today.

Sunday:  Since I will probably be very sore, I will do bicep curls and overhead presses for 10 minutes.

Monday:  10 minutes of squats (Hopefully I will be able to move my legs by now!)

See…I can get creative.  10 minutes a day is totally do-able.  I would rather do running/walking but maybe my body will appreciate the variety!  That is my hope.

I am thinking that Weight Watchers wants us to commit to 10 minutes because they know once we get started, we will probably go longer than 10 minutes…sneaky peeps!

Here is what I am thinking…Make 10 minutes a day to exercise now or make 24 hours a day to die.  Ummm….I’ll go exercise!

Exercise:  you don't have time not to


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  • http://twitter.com/Alicia_Orozco NeverEverBeenSkinny

    I can’t believe the marathon is so close! Congrats on losing 1.2!

  • http://twitter.com/UncommonWine Carrie

    Wow. “Make 10 minutes a day to exercise now or make 24 hours a day to die.” Well put!

  • Eliana

    Sometimes I put on awesome music and instead of jogging I spend 10 minutes skipping :) It’s actually way harder to do for 10 whole minutes than it seems, but it also puts me in such a good mood! I mean, how often do you see adults skipping down the street?

  • http://www.nutmegnotebook.com/ TamiNutmegNotebook

    I like the idea of a minimum of ten minutes a day. Even I can do that!

  • http://twitter.com/WisePickle81 Kasey Wise

    I love to eat out and now I don’t feel so guilty about doing it. I use an all natural supplement called Fat Fighters that blocks some fat and carbs. I take them 20minutes to 1 hour after I’ve eaten and if I eat healthy then I don’t take them. They also do not send you running to the bathroom like other ones I’ve tried. I keep the bottle in my purse with me so I will have them when I’m on the road. You can order them from http://www.keepcalmandskinnywrap.com and they aren’t expensive either. I recommend trying the Ultimate Body Applicator too if your really wanting help to tone tighten and firm your skin! The photo is my results after doing two wraps, taking the fat fighters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kshayim Kaleathia Murphy

    I started doing it for my goal for this week. This is a doable goal for me. I love Weight Watchers because it helps you to set realistic goals. Love your blog!

  • Joshua Reyes

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