Work the Plan – Weekly Weigh In

I’m going to make this quick and to the point.  Whatever you decide to do to lose weight, do it.  Work the plan and the plan works.  Period.  It is that simple and that effective.  I don’t care if you are doing Paleo, Weight Watchers, Keto, MyFitnessPal, Quick Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, or intermittent fasting.  […]

Your Body is not Amazon Prime – Weekly Weigh In

So I saw this quote the other day and I had to share. I don’t know about you but over the holidays I used Amazon Prime like crazy.  It made shopping so much easier!  I just went online, found what I was looking for, bought it and wala – it was at my door in […]

Eat Real Food – Weekly Weigh in

You know when I start weekly weigh ins again, I’m back.  Let me cut straight to the chase: I lost 4 pounds.  YAHOO!!!!!!! So, there are a few things I did in order to be successful this week.  I am still in the “experimental” phase with a few of these so I can’t say for […]

What are You Waiting For??? – Weekly Weigh In

I know I just did a weigh in post but I am trying to get caught up and report my weigh in’s by Wednesday so here is another one.  This week was good.  It’s so funny because every Monday when I step on the scale, I have NO idea what I will see.  I don’t […]

Better than a Weight Watcher Meeting – Weekly Weigh In

Oops…three weeks has gone by and I haven’t updated you on my weekly weigh ins.  Normally that would mean things haven’t been going so well.  However, in this case, it is truly that I haven’t made time.  So…here are my last three weigh ins… January 30: Down 0.8!  Yipee! February 6 Down 1.4…which was shocking […]

Tragedy Sucks – Weekly Weigh In

I am at a loss for words tonight.  I have actually been sitting here for over 30 minutes wasting time online because I didn’t really know what to call this post or what to even say… Last week was a rough week.  It was probably one of the roughest weeks in my career.  My teacher […]

Doritos are the Devil – Weekly Weigh In

Doritos are the devil. Alright so hear me out before all of you Dorito lovers come after me!  I LOVE Doritos.  They are so yummy and they fill that afternoon carb craving just perfectly.  However, eating half a bag mindlessly because you are not thinking about what you are putting in your mouth is NOT […]

Quit Doubting – Weekly Weigh In

What an adventurous week I had.  For it to be my first week “on track”, it was kind of weird. I did really well for the whole week until the weekend hit.  And we got ice and a little bit of snow.  And I wanted to eat, eat, eat.  I ate too many Doritos and […]

21 Day Fix Final Results – Weekly Weigh In

I “finished” the 21DayFix today.  Why is “finished” in quotes you ask?  Well, keep reading and eventually I will tell you! I lost a bunch of weight the first week.  I lost a little weight the second week.  So, this week was going to be a crap shoot.  Would I lose a bunch, a little, […]

21DayFix Week Two – Weekly Weigh In

For those of you that don’t know, I have been following the 21DayFix program and drinking Shakeology for the past two weeks.  Go back and read THIS and THIS to get caught up! I finished week two on Monday but with the Fourth of July and such, I am just now getting around to posting. […]