Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt – Review

There is a new Greek Yogurt love in my life.  Once you read this post, I know there will be a new one in your life too.

How does a Greek Yogurt with only 2 Weight Watchers points plus sound?  Good to you, too?  I thought so!

How about a Greek Yogurt with only 100 calories per serving?  Getting better?

How about a Greek Yogurt that has at least 10 grams of protein per serving?

If all of those don’t have you sold, then the taste will.  I like it even better than most Chobani flavors.

Introducing Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt.

Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt

This greek yogurt is an amazing snack that will help keep you full longer.  It is also simply filling if you choose that Weight Watcher plan instead of tracking.

My favorite is the key lime yogurt but then again, I love key lime most anything!  The plain is perfect to use in recipes that call for yogurt.

If you are worried that the portion might be small, don’t be.  It is a nice big serving (5.3 ounces) for 2 Weight Watchers points plus and only 100 calories.  No worries that you won’t get full!

This yogurt is currently available in six flavors:  Vanilla, Black Cherry, Key Lime, Mixed Berry, Peach, and Strawberry.

Have you tried the new Yoplait Greek 100?  If so, what is your favorite flavor?


Yoplait sent me four flavors to try.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • http://twitter.com/UncommonWine Carrie

    Haven’t had it yet… but I don’t eat/have yogurt often. I may be giving it a try, though!

  • disqus_JHtfX8o859

    I have tried it and love it. My favorite flavor is the key lime also. Nice and tart!

  • Leah

    Does it have an artificial/added thickener in it? I like Chobani because it is actually REAL greek yogurt, where most of the other kinds have cornstarch or some other type of starch added to them to get them to the thickness of real greek yogurt.

  • Martha McKinnon

    I’ve tried it but I have to say, I’m not a fan. I prefer plain nonfat yogurt that I add my own flavorings to.

  • Steph

    I tried the Vanilla- I thought it was pretty good.

  • Terryjones

    Never liked yoghurts anyways, but this one looks promising. Where can one get it?

  • Erika Coleman

    I eat one every day for a snack. I really like it and I am glad that it is only 100 calories, makes it easier to squeeze it in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.c.trevisan Nicole Cassandra Trevisan

    I’m not a fan of Yoplait products. I think Chobani & Fage make a better greek yogurt with less calories per oz.

  • cindy

    I tried 2 different flavors, but when I opened each one , I was shocked to see they were about 2/3 full.

  • Molly

    This isn’t real Greek Yogurt. Pay the extra money and get Oikos (I actually think they are the same price now). You can taste the difference and it’s healthier.

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      What do you mean by “this isn’t real Greek Yogurt?” I would think that in order for a company to put Greek Yogurt on the label, it would meet some sort of FDA standards. Please explain how this isn’t greek yogurt.

  • MissUpkins

    It’s not real Greek yogurt, which is why they can only call it “Yoplait Greek”. Google it!

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      You are correct. I actually googled it after the first comment and learned so much about Greek Yogurt! No, it is not made through the straining process and it has added thickeners. However, it does contain large amounts of protein-more than regular yogurt so I would eat it over “normal” yogurt. However, you are correct in saying it is not “real” Greek Yogurt. Apparently there were some lawsuits out there against them for calling it that but they were all dismissed. It is amazing what Google will teach you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaime.laba Jaime Laba

    Just had my first Yoplait Greek. This tastes nothing like Greek yogurt. I used to only eat Yoplait regular yogurt and it was my favorite. If this tasted like that I might still eat it but it doesn’t. This tastes like regular Yoplait with a ton of sugar and artificial flavors. I don’t really care if it is “real” Greek yogurt or not but why does it have to taste like s**t? Stoneyfield Oikos has a 90 calorie Greek yogurt that is so much better. True it is a smaller portion but at least it tastes great.

  • Freefaller

    I have some yogurt production background, so I can answer the question of whether this is “true” (i.e. strained) Greek yogurt or just a yogurt with added protein and thickener.

    The traditional Yoplait “Greek” just has added protein and thickener to try to match the profile of strained yogurt. However, the new Yoplait Greek 100 is truly processed in the fashion of Greek. As with all true Greek yogurts, the process employs a separation step to remove whey protein and water, making the final product thick, creamy and rich in casein protein.

    The FDA currently has no criteria laid out that must be met in order to label a Yogurt as “Greek”.

  • Caroline

    You should be aware of the amount of sugar in this yogurt especially if you call yourself a weightloss blog. 17 grams of sugar is over 3 teaspoons, all packed in a 6 oz yogurt! And you eat one every day?….yikes. You’re better off soaking chia seeds in water for 30 min and drinking that if you’re looking for protein.

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      Caroline – I am not sure where you got your fact of this yogurt having 17 grams of sugar. All of the flavors I could see have only 9 grams. Could you please clarify your facts for me since I do want to be accurate for my readers.