Weight Watchers Red Velvet Creme Cakes – Review

Have you ever gone to your local grocery store and passed by the rack of Weight Watchers baked goods?  I sure have.  My dad used to buy the boxes of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies like they were going out of style (before he went gluten free!).  I used to love the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate snack cakes.  My brother in law once ate an entire box of the Carrot Cakes.  Don’t think an entire box is a good idea!

Well, Weight Watchers came out with a new snack cake.  You ready for this?!?

Weight Watchers Red Velvet Creme Cake

Red Velvet Creme Cakes – Get in my belly!!!!!

The perfect little snack of soft red velvet cake with a creme cheese frosting and gooey frosting in the middle.  Yep…you heard that right…frosting!  You know how I LOVE frosting!

Weight Watchers Red Velvet Creme Cake

I love how they are pre-portioned so you know EXACTLY how many points plus are in each little snack cake.  Plus…instant portion control.  If you eat two, you account for it.  If you eat the whole box, you account for it – although I wouldn’t recommend it!

I also love that it is the perfect size.  It let’s you give in to that sweet craving without over-doing it.

Best of all, they are SO yummy!  I have NEVER had a BAD Weight Watchers baked good and this is certainly no exception!

Now…if you are a “clean eating” person, you will not approve of these.  They are certainly a “treat” and not on the Paleo plan or any clean eating plan.  However, if your choice is this mini snack cake for two Weight Watchers points plus or an entire piece of cake – GO with this!

A bonus to these is you can find these yummy treats in most grocery stores – You don’t have to go to a Weight Watchers center.  They are pretty reasonably priced (especially if you catch them on sale!).

Next time you go by the rack at the store, pick these up and give them a try.  Then, let me know if you love them as much as I do!

Have you ever tried a Weight Watchers baked good?  If so, which one is your favorite?


Weight Watchers provided me with boxes of creme cakes to try.  All opinions expressed are my own.  No monetary compensation was given for this review.

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  • http://making40fantastic.blogspot.com/ Kim | Making 40 Fantastic

    I’ve tried the Carrot Cake… and agree… not exactly Clean Eating. BUT it hits the spot to satisfy sweet cravings. One of two of them with a cup of coffee feels like a dessert. :) Looking forward to trying the Red Velvet.

  • anna2556

    Haven’t tried their cakes, but I did have some sort of cookie type of food I got at a meeting once. Praline something…I gotta be honest, it was nasty. However, not all their food is. They have the BEST low cal ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever eaten and their giant fudge bars are actually creamier and silkier than a Hagen Daas.

  • PurrlGurrl

    The muffins —- bad. The cookies — bad. Anything I ever bought at a meeting — bad. The frozen meals — bad.

    But I do love the snack cakes that are available retail. They take the edge off when I’m craving, say, a cupcake. When you don’t compare them to the cakes Grandma baked or the ones from the high end pastry shops in your city, they taste quite good along with tea or coffee or low-fat milk.

    The biggest problem with the snack cakes is that they are getting more and more difficult to find in any retail grocery stores. Grrrrr. And Amazon can’t be relied on to have them in stock. Sigh.