Weight Watchers Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps – Review

I don’t normally review products that can’t be found in grocery stores.  I like for people EVERYWHERE to be able to find the products I review.  Then, it dawned on me that these potato crisps can be found EVERYWHERE!  Plus, I just had to share these with you because…I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED!

Weight Watchers Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps

A few weeks ago at my Weight Watchers meeting, they handed out a sample of the Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps.  They were so delicious that I had to stock up on them when they had them on sale.  I bought five boxes!  That is how much I loved these.

These are not a potato chip and they are not a cracker.  They resemble a chip but they are “popped” instead of baked or fried.  What makes these so awesome is the taste.  The barbecue coating on these I swear is crack!  It is almost a sweet and salty but more salty than sweet.  Clear as mud, right?!?  Just trust me that these are KILLER!!!

The other awesome thing about these Weight Watchers Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps is that they are only 2 points plus for the ENTIRE bag!  They have only 90 calories, 2 fat grams, 16 g of carbs, and no trans fat or saturated fat.  Did I mention you get to eat the whole bag for only 2 points plus!

You can purchase these at any Weight Watchers location.  You don’t have to be a Weight Watchers member to buy their products at their meeting location.  So, run, don’t walk to your nearest center to buy these.  They are truly awesome and addictive!

Have you had these potato crisps?  If so, what do you think of them?  If not, what is your favorite Weight Watchers food item?

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