Weight Watchers Celebration Cake Mini Bar – Review

Close your eyes.

You are at a birthday or anniversary party and they cut you a big slice of vanilla cake with frosting and sprinkles!

You eat your piece and enjoy the richness of the cake, the yummy frosting and the crunch of the sprinkles.

Open your eyes and track that piece of cake. Track all 13 Weight Watchers Points Plus you just ate. Yep…13 points plus for a tiny slice of cake (and who eats a tiny slice!?!)

Now, imagine getting the taste and satisfaction of a slice of cake for only 2 points plus. Interested?

Let me introduce you to this guy right here:

Weight Watchers Celebration Cake Mini Bars

Oh yes, that my friends is a little piece of heaven that Weight Watchers has just come out with. They call it the “Celebration Cake” mini bar.

Weight Watchers Celebration Cake Mini Bars

I call it the “O-M-G, let me get some sweet frosting in my mizzouth, JOY!”

Yes, people, it is that good!

The bar itself is a nice size. It seems bigger than the mini bars they have had in the past.

You get to enjoy the whole bar, guilt free, because it is only 2 points plus. These bars come 12 to a package and they retail for right around $7.00. They occasionally go on sale at centers for around $5. For this bar, I wouldn’t even wait for a sale. But, if they do go on sale (a little birdie told me maybe next week?!), STOCK UP!

The frosting, the cake layer, and the sprinkles all come together in this beautiful, glorious harmony that gives you the satisfaction of a real piece of cake WITHOUT the guilt of using all those Weight Watchers points plus.

So, let’s all celebrate Weight Watchers 50th anniversary and pick up some of these delicious bars. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Well, unless you hate cake. If you hate cake, don’t get these!  But…who hates cake?!?

Have you tried these yet? What is your current flavor of mini bar that you love?

Weight Watchers Celebration Cake Mini Bars

I bought these bars at my Weight Watchers center to try. I was NOT compensated in any way for this blog post. This is my personal opinion of this product.

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