Weight Watchers Brownie Bliss – Review

OMG Ya’ll!  Wait until you see what Weight Watchers is adding to their line of sweet baked goods.  I told you about the new Red Velvet Creme Cakes – YUMM-O!  Well, coming this month, you are going to see something on the shelves in your supermarket that are going to make you say, “Oh YEAH!!!!!!”  Introducing…

Weight Watchers Brownie Bliss Bars

Yep…two Brownie Bliss bites to satisfy that sweet tooth and for only 2 Weight Watchers points plus per brownie bite!  Score!

They have come out with two delicious flavors.  The first is the Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss:

Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss Bars

Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss Bars

Yes, that is a layer of fudge on top of a gooey brownie covered in a real chocolate ganache.  Hello chocolate lovers everywhere!!!!

Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss Bars

These bites are only 80 calories and have zero grams of trans fat.  They have 3.5 total fat grams, 13g of carbs, 1g of Protein and 2g of Dietary Fiber.  Best of all, they taste delicious!

Now, onto my personal favorite, the new Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss:

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss Bars

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss Bars

Yes, people…that is a layer of REAL peanut butter on top of this gooey brownie.  Then, just to top it all off, they covered the darn thing in chocolate and put a peanut butter swirl on top!  HELLO!!!!

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss Bars

My sister and I have this whole peanut butter and chocolate fetish so this is right up my alley.  I can have my peanut butter and chocolate and still stay on track!  Forget a Reese’s cup…this tastes so great with much fewer calories!

Each one of these little bits of goodness are 90 calories, no trans fat, 4g total fat, 13g carbs, 1g protein, and 2g fiber.  At only 2 Weight Watchers points plus per brownie, it is a WIN-WIN!

These are like an awesome mix of a brownie and a candy bar.  They are sweet rich and gooey and decadent!  They really should have called them candy brownie bliss bars.  You also get 6 in a box.  Just try not to eat all six at once!  Just saying…

I decided to do a little experiment.  I took these brownie bites to work and had some people try them.

Weight Watchers Brownie Bliss Bars

I DID NOT tell them that they were Weight Watchers.  Let’s see their reaction:

The funny thing is, after the video was over, they proceeded to eat the rest of the box!  They loved them!

Then, another co-worker came in and she ate two we had saved for her.  She also said they were fabulous!

Keep your eyes open for these little bits of goodness to show up on your grocery store shelves!  You are going to go nuts for these!

Let me know when you try them!  Which would you rather try, the triple chocolate brownie bliss or the peanut butter brownie bliss?

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  • Dianne Bass



  • Tara Yvette McDaniel

    I am upset because I haven’t been able to find these in St.Louis, Missouri. Found the peanut butter one’s but can’t find the chocolate one’s.

  • Neil

    The peanut butter ones are so good! But they are almost impossible to find in my area. It is very frustrating. I might find them 1 time in 10 when I look in Stop and Shop or Walmart. I have coupons for them but that does me no good since no stores around here carry them. What a shame.

  • Beckie

    I have found the peanut butter brownie bliss at Walmart but not the triple chocolate bliss. I have been trying to get Hy-Vee to stock these and the soups. Not working very well.

  • Alisha

    I found these once at Sam’s and now I can’t find them again!! Where do you get them!!!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      I found them at my Publix grocery store! Do you have one?