VitaPizza – Review

Sometimes for lunches, I like to take a frozen meal or a frozen pizza if I am running late and didn’t plan ahead to make my lunch the night before.

I enjoy the little frozen pizzas that you can heat up in the microwave.  It satisfies that pizza craving with the added bonus of portion control.

What I don’t like is the 8 Weight Watchers points plus that one little pizza has.

When the makers of VitaPizza asked me to try their frozen pizzas, I jumped at the chance.

Vita Pizza

After I received them in the mail and read the stats, I knew I had found my new favorite go-to frozen pizza to grab and take for lunch.  Check these out:

  • 190 calories – for the whole pizza!
  • 19 grams of fiber
  • 15-16 grams of protein
  • 2-3 grams of fat
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Only 5 Weight Watchers points plus

Compare the stats of other slices of pizza here.

Now…the thing that matters most is the taste.  How does it compare to Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones?

I loved them!

My husband loved them!  Husband approved, oh yes!

He tried the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme and I tried the Cheese & Tomato.  I did add a bit more cheese to the top of his (he likes his pizza REALLY cheesy) but I left mine just as it was!  They were both delicious and satisfied us for lunch!

You could even have these as a quick dinner paired with a side salad and still stay well within your points plus daily allowance and feel in control of your eating.

The only downfall with these pizzas is they are hard to find in stores because they are so new.  Click here to see which stores they are sold at in your area.

Have you seen these pizzas yet?  Which benefit do you like the best?


The makers of VitaPizza sent me these to try.  All opinions expressed in this post are genuine and are my true opinion of the product.  No money was exchanged for this review.

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  • Angela@Honey I Shrunk the Mom

    I haven’t been able to find them locally yet, but I’m really looking forward to trying them!

  • Staci Moize

    I would love to try these! When’s the giveaway??? hahaha I love VitaTop products!

  • kmcm1

    The stats are great! 19 grams of fiber? Is the crust made of turf? Lol I need to find where they are sold in my area!

  • disqus_w6MgYA2ko1

    You had me at hello! I had to go and order these after reading your post! Cant wait to get them!

  • Kiki Marie

    Well i see the chicago market does not have the new products… I am going to take vita’s letter to store manager at my jewel and see i can get them in the store! *fingers crossed*

  • Lily

    Vita Pizza sounds tasty. I think I need to try it.

  • Hekara

    They are offering free shipping on their website, but the cost is around $5 a pizza–I’d love to try it, but it’s really expensive for a small one-serving pizza.