Speedloss – Review

SpeedlossIt is no secret that I believe in detoxes to help me “get it together.”  If I am struggling, have been eating bad, or if I am in a funk, I like to detox to get myself back on track and get re-focused.

In the past, my go-to detox was Arden’s Garden two day juice cleanse.  I have done this detox at least ten times and it helps get me re-focused.

When Performance 2 foods contacted me and asked if I would like to try their two day juice and food cleanse, Speedloss, I said sure.  I have had it for a few weeks waiting for the perfect time to try it out.

With the abundance of Halloween candy I have consumed as well as a lack of exercise after my half-marathon last weekend, I knew this was the time to give it a try.

I reluctantly got on the scale the first morning Saturday morning to get my starting weight.

Starting Weight Before the Speedloss Detox 188.2

Oh boy…that was NOT good.  Good thing it is my STARTING weight.

The program is very well laid out.  There are two bags clearly labeled Day 1 and Day 2.  Inside are smaller bags with the food, vitamins, and shakes that you will consume that day.  There are even cute sayings on the bag to keep you motivated and inspired.  You also get a container of Juice and a water bottle.

Day 1

Your day starts off with a chocolate shake upon two hours of waking up.  I mixed it with milk and ice in the blender.  It was yummy.  I expected it to taste like I protein shake but it didn’t.  It was de-licious and even had chunks of real chocolate in it.

This is followed up with some vitamins.  No biggie there.  Drinking lots of water in the meantime.

For lunch you get soup.  It is a tomato flavored soup that is actually quite thick and not bad tasting at all.  It isn’t the BEST soup I have ever had but it wasn’t horrible.

After soup, it kind of goes down hill from here on day 1.  The soup is followed by a juice called Superfood which is green and gross in my opinion.  I didn’t really have juice to mix it with so I mixed it with Crystal Light.  I don’t think the contrast was enough to NOT taste the green-ness of this drink.  Blah.  My dad used to drink this stuff called Barley Green and it reminded me of that.  Anyway, down it went.  I was thankful when it was over.

Next came a Cleanse Packet.  This was just like a fizzy juice that you drank fast.  Reminded me of Alka Seltzer the way it fizzed and tasted kind of fruity.  This was ok tasting.  Since you basically chug it, you barely taste it anyway.

This is followed by a trim tea (just a tea bag you steep in water) and Sedona Juice until bedtime.  The Sedona Juice tastes like an apple/grape juice.  It is very good.

All of this is followed up heavily by lots of water.  They want you drinking about a gallon a day.

Saturday night I felt pretty bad.  I almost passed out I was so lethargic.  I had a headache all day long (probably from my body detoxing all the crap I had put in my system) and I was not a very happy person to be around.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 8:30 and slept for 12 hours straight.  I did get up to go from the couch to the bed and I swear I felt like I had been drugged.  Not such a bad thing but it did make me wonder what was in the last little bit of stuff I had.

Day 2

I wasn’t expecting a miracle when I stepped on the scale Sunday morning but I did get a nice surprise:

First Day of Speedloss Detox 185 pounds

Down 3 pounds from the day before.  I will take it.  However, the raging headache continues.  So…let’s see what is in store for Day 2:

The morning begins with oatmeal.  I made it with skim milk for a few extra nutrients.  The taste was ok.  The directions were a little unclear so I might have made it wrong.

Enjoy the oatmeal because that is all the food you are getting for the day.

The remainder of the day you drink nothing but liquids.  There is a “Kicker Powder” and Sedona Detox Juice.

and water….

lots of water…

This whole day, I was really hungry.  I tried to drink at least 100 ounces of water to stay satisfied but it just wasn’t happening.  I was hungry.  I did work outside in the yard for about an hour and a half and my energy level was significantly higher.  This generally happens on the second day of a cleanse for me.


When I got on the scale on Monday morning, the two days of hard work had paid off:

Final Weight for Speedloss Detox 182.2

Down 6 pounds in two days.  I will take it!

Would I do this cleanse again?  Sure…for free.  There is no way I would pay the asking price of $199 for this product.  I don’t feel like you get your money’s worth.  There is no way this box of supplies cost anywhere near $200.  I heard there are lots of coupons available out there so if you are considering this cleanse, make sure you get it at a deal.

Is this lasting weight loss?  Depends on my behavior.  If I go back to eating crap, the weight will come back on.  If I stick to what I know to do, Weight Watchers, it should stay off.  Only time will tell.  I only recommend detoxes to jump start weight loss.  Like all “fad diets” if you don’t change the lifestyle, the weight loss is only temporary.


This box of Speedloss was provided to me in order to try the product and review.  There was no monetary compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  • Goal Blog

    Sounds awful…thanks for sharing! Jenny

  • http://twitter.com/UncommonWine Carrie

    I’m just not into cleanses. I know they are probably a good thing to do from time to time… but they are too restrictive for me. So I’ll just add more fruit and veggies when needed! ;-)

  • Sabra

    I also tried the SpeedLoss cleanse. I was very satisfied with the taste of the shakes and the meal replacements! I lost a total of 6 lbs in two days! Most definitely would consider it to be a pre-diet cleanse as it gave me a great jumpstart to my diet! I highly recommend this cleanse.

  • http://www.worldclasslasik.com/ Lasik

    Is there any information on what substances the pack contains? Maybe you could build the very same package for yourself, much cheaper.

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      I thought about that but there is no nutritional information available for their products. I bet a similar package could be built.

      • http://www.worldclasslasik.com/ Lasik

        Thanks for your reply :)

        It’s strange that there’s no nutritional info however, isn’t that a requirement?

  • dc70

    You didn’t mention anything about how it affected you “bathroom habits”. I’ve been wanting to try a cleanse for weight loss and health reasons, but nervous about being confined to home or close to a bathroom the whole time…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.mccourt.7 Sherry McCourt

    Save your money. I lose more weight with a cup of coffee and my daily water pills, and they only cost $7 for 30 days supply.

    • Sabra

      I lost 6lbs after completing the cleanse. The shakes tatsed great and my bathroom habits had little to no change, so I wasn’t in the bathroom all day. I highly recommend this product. My sister recently recieved her package and will be trying it soon. I will keep you guys posted on her progress!!! I have tried water pills before and they have proven to be quite decietful. Losing water weight is not the same as losing actual FAT. With water pills I just gain the water back within a day or so.

      • Gary Puterman

        Losing water weight is always a risk though. Some circumstances I can see the necessity for it such as weigh in’s for sports i.e. boxing, wrestling, football etc. but to do it for 30 days seems a little sketchy. IMO you do not want to be dehydrated for 30 days.

  • Sabra

    I lost 6lbs after completing the cleanse. The shakes tatsed great and my bathroom habits had little to no change, so I wasn’t in the bathroom all day. I highly recommend this product. My sister recently recieved her package and will be trying it soon. I will keep you guys posted on her progress!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1565144656 Karen Landreth

    I have the same bathroom scale! Trying the Speedloss as we speak. So far so good.