Snikiddy Snacks – Review [Video]

The people over at Snikiddy contacted me and asked if I would try their product.  I am sometimes leery of “healthy” snacks that are not actually healthy at all.  After looking at their website, I decided these snacks could be a healthy alternative and decided to try a few samples.

After the samples arrived, I knew exactly WHO I needed to get to try these for an honest opinion.  KIDS!  Kids will tell it like it is…no holds barred.  So, I asked my sisters three kids to come over and try the snacks and give their opinion.  Watch this video to see what they thought!

Obviously, they LOVED them.  It was so funny after the taping ended because Hannah said, “I really wanted to NOT like one.  On those shows on TV like Cupcake Wars, they always DON’T like one.  I was hoping there was one I didn’t like so it could be more like TV!”  Hilarious!

Now, for all the fun nutritional facts.  We will start with Hannah’s favorite, Eat Your Vegetables™:

Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables in Sea Salt Flavor

Tastes Like a Dorito…but healthy!

  • Made with a blend of sweet potatoes, carrots, and navy beans.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A and more fiber and protein than most other snack products.
  • Gluten and wheat free
  • Free of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and preservatives.
  • 4 Weight Watchers points plus per serving.
  • Available in these flavors: Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, Jalapeño Ranch.
Next, we will talk about Haleigh’s favorite, the All-Natural Baked Fries:
Skikiddy All-Natural Baked Fries

Yumm-O Fries!

  • Made with real potatoes, corn, and cheese.
  • Contain 50% less fat than regular potato chips
  • Gluten and wheat free.
  • Free of artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol.
  • Baked in a nut-free facility.
  • 3 Weight Watchers points plus per serving.
  • Available in these flavors: Sea Salt, Cheddar Cheese, Original Seasoning, Bold Buffalo, Southwest Cheddar, Barbeque and Classic Ketchup.
Now on to Hampton’s favorite, the All-Natural Cheese Puffs:
Snikiddy Grilled Cheese Puffs
  • Baked with real cheese and corn.
  • Contain 50% less fat than potato chips.
  • They are gluten and wheat free, without the drawbacks of other puff snacks.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol.
  • 3 Weight Watchers points plus per serving (One serving is 1/4 of a bag so it’s a big serving!)
  • Available in these flavors: Grilled Cheese Puffs and Mac n’ Cheese Puffs

My husband and I both LOVED these snacks too!  His favorite was the cheese puffs followed by the fries.  I loved them all and couldn’t decide which I liked the best.  I am excited to try the Bold Buffalo fries.  Those sound like they would be right up our alley!

Would you like to purchase them in your area?  They are available in select stores around the country.  If you go to their website, you can put in your zip-code and it will tell you what locations are in your area.  I found out that these are sold not too far from where I live.  You better believe I will be heading out to stock up on these and all their yummy flavors.

Instead of buying them, do you want to try and WIN some samples for free?  Stay tuned for a giveaway soon where YOU could win some to try.

Until then, head on out and buy them because they are yummy!  Have you heard of these before?  I recently saw them in World Market store near my house.  What is your favorite healthy snack that tastes yummy?

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  • Vicki Nicole

    wow I found out they have them at my neighborhood Sprouts store. Gotta pick some up.

  • Heather Brown Henderson

    Total yum! I can’t decide which I want to try first. I was thinking the veggie ones, but at 4PPV per serving, that’s a big high. The Bold Buffalo fries sound good, but I’ll probably go with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Puffs for my munchkin. I printed out the coupon from their site, too!

  • sandra_dunigan

    Just saw these are all Gluten Free…AWESOME!!!

  • hal3ween

    The Bold Buffalo fries sound good

  • JamesBurgePR

    OMG! These look sooo good!!! lol

    Another snack like food I love re Fullbar’s fullbites! The cheddar bite are the best! You should try them! just go to Yummy!