Sweaty Bands – Review

Okay Ladies (Sorry men, this one might or might not be for you!), how many of you hate those wisps of hair that flop around or get in your face when your hair is in a ponytail?  If you are like me, these are one of those “little things” that make working out even less […]

Fiber One Brownies – Review

If you are like me, you need something sweet every now and then.  For me, it is at lunchtime.  I know, I’m weird because it isn’t after dinner.  Weird is OK.  Anyway, back to the topic of the day. Every day at lunch I need something sweet that is also low in Weight Watchers Points […]

Skinny Cow Candy – Review

Do you ever get a really bad sweet tooth and you just NEED something sweet?  Have you ever had a really bad sweet tooth and it won’t go away until you satisfy it with something sweet?  Not something fake sweet but real chocolate?  I have these occasionally and I recently found the solution! Have you […]

Welch’s Fruit and Yogurt Snacks – Review

I have found a new sweet snack that I love –  Welch’s fruit and yogurt snacks.  I am not a huge fan of fruit snacks but these are totally yummy and different. I first had these at my sister’s house after she had bought them for her children.  I looked up the Weight Watcher’s Points […]

Pretzel Crisps – Review [Video]

I recently found a yummy product that I have been loving!  They are Pretzel Crisps by the Snack Factory.  My favorite flavor is the buffalo wing.  To dip in hummus, I prefer the original.  The pretzel crisps come in five flavors:  Original, sesame, everything, garlic parmesan, and buffalo wing.  They are three Weight Watchers points […]

Pure Stevia Extract – Review

What sweetener do you like to use?  I know some people won’t use artificial sweeteners like Sweet-n-low and Equal due to potential harm to the body and brain.  Others have chosen to use natural sugar alternatives like Stevia and Splenda. About a year ago, my dad told me to try a new product he found […]

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer – Review [Video]

MiO liquid water enhancer is a new product that I recently found at the grocery store.  It comes in six exciting flavors.  You can choose fruit punch, berry pomegranate, mango peach, peach tea, sweet tea, or strawberry watermelon.  I have tried both the fruit punch and berry pomegranate. Use MiO water enhancer to add flavor […]

Gnu Foods – Fiber Bars – Review

I first heard about these Gnu Fiber Bars from another blog that I read frequently.  She tried these and loved them because they were not as sweet as other fiber bars she had tasted.  That is the exact reason why I did not like some of them.  I ordered the sampler for $10.00 off of […]

Better ‘N Peanut Butter – Review

What American doesn’t love peanut butter?  We eat it on bread, toast, in a sandwich, with bananas, with chocolate, with a spoon, and the list could go on and on.  My household loves peanut butter and we don’t even have kids. The problem is, if you are trying to lose weight, peanut butter is not […]

Big Peach Running Company – Review

During the last two weeks, I have been a walking/jogging fool.  I was in a competition and for those of you who know me, when I am in a competition, watch out. I am a fierce competitor.  Well, I was having intense hip pain and tingling in my toes.  In speaking to a friend, she […]