Ninja Master Prep Pro System – Review [Video]

Do you use a blender for one thing and a food processor for another?  Is your kitchen cluttered with gadgets that basically do the same thing and you would love to condense them down so you have less clutter?  Let me introduce you to this beauty:

Ninja Master Prep Pro

Katherine and I both purchased the Ninja Master Prep Pro (say that five times fast!) to use at home.  Katherine was currently using a Magic Bullet and always complained about it so I went out and purchased a Ninja Master Prep Pro (Model #QB1004) from Bed Bath and Beyond (with a 20% off coupon of course!) and it was VERY affordable considering everything that you get.  After trying it and loving it, Katherine went to buy one and ditched the bullet!

We have wanted to do this review for a while but it wasn’t until FitBloggin’ where I was challenged to make more videos that I decided to do a video review of the Ninja Master Prep Pro.  Here it is:

As you can see, wee LOVE this Ninja!  It is so fast and versatile and easy to clean and we LOVE it!

I love that it is dishwasher safe and Katherine loves it that it is so easy to hand wash!  She uses hers way to often to wait for the dishwasher to run!

The three different sizes, 16 oz, 40 oz, and 48 oz are wonderful for all types of cooking projects.  I use the 16 ounce size for single serving shakes and Katherine uses that size to make her cauliflower pizza crust.  The 40 ounce size is perfect for two servings of protein shakes and as a blender.  The largest size, 48 ounces is good if you are having a party and you need several servings of mixed drinks available.

I also love that this system comes with lids so you can store things in the refrigerator if you don’t use them right away.  They come with a 450 Watt Motor and all of the sizes have splashguards to keep any spillage from happening.  They are all BPA free – no worries!

The BEST thing about this system is how great it works.  No more chunks of things that don’t get blended good.  No more different sizes of cauliflower chunks.  No more non-crushed ice.  This system is awesome at doing what it is supposed to do – blend, chop, or crush…FAST!

If you are looking for a new blender, food processor, or chopper, you MUST look into this!  Do you currently have a blender or food processor that you love?  Have you tried the Ninja before?

If you already have one, did you know they have recipes on their site?  Love!

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