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At work, I eat in a teacher’s lounge.  On the table are peppermints.  Each day, after I finished eating my salad, I would grab a peppermint.  It was a nice sweet ending to my meal.  Back when I was eating sweets, I would always want desserts after a meal.  I swear I was just like a kid…that’s probably partly how I ended up weighing 280 pounds.

When SweatPink offered to send me some MealEnders to try, I was intrigued so I thought I would give it a try.  They sent me four bags to try:

MealEnders Wrappers

What are they you ask?  Well, they are signaling lozenges that tell your brain you are done eating.  Genius, right?  Well…genius if they work.  I tried them out and I was amazed at how well they worked!

Here is why they say they work:

MealEnders Infographic

What a great concept…I wish I had thought of it myself!

I have always heard that you need to let your brain figure out when you are REALLY full.  I think that is why this concept is genius!  It gives your brain the time it needs to figure out it doesn’t need any more food!

The little lozenges are covered in chocolate so you get that sweet ending to a meal but then they have a cooling center that will refresh your palette.  Over time, these can help your body adjust to portions and help you with portion control!

All of the flavors were fantastic but I prefer the Chocolate Mint.  My least favorite was the citrus but that is only because I don’t really like citrus things.  It was still good though!

So, let’s see, when would we use these to help us?

  • At the end of the meal when you know you have eaten enough.
  • At a party when you want to go back for seconds or thirds but know you don’t NEED to.
  • When you are craving junk food between meals.
  • When you are tempted to eat more even when you know you shouldn’t.

Do any of those sound familiar?  I love that these are a perfect size to keep in your purse or desk drawer to grab when you don’t want to overeat or eat something you know you shouldn’t.

I know you are all wanting to try these and they are giving you the chance.  Head over to my giveaway page and enter to win a four pack so you can see just how awesome these are!

If you can’t wait and want them now, head over to their website and order them for yourself!  If you use coupon code WINNER-TOO you can get 30% off now!

Good Luck on winning these and leave me a comment if you have tried these or which flavor you think you would like the best!

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