“There’s an App for That!” Fooducate – Review

My husband and I are iPhone addicts.  We have had them for many years now and I think it is safe to say we would have a really hard time going back to a traditional flip phone with no “apps.”  If you are not technical at all, an “app” is short for “Application” and there are thousands of them for iPhone users.  My husband, Jason, is “king of the apps” or so he has been called in the past.  He pretty much knows if there is an app for any conversation we are having.  Last week, after I went to my Weight Watcher meeting, we were having a conversation in the car and he felt like there should be an app for Weight Watcher points plus where you can just scan the barcode of the food you are about to eat and it will tell you the number of points plus.  GUESS WHAT?!?!?  Yep, you guessed it, there is an app for that!


Last night at my Weight Watcher meeting, they told us about an app called “Fooducate.” Of course, in my meeting, I immediately downloaded the app so I could check it out.  Basically, you scan the barcode of a food and it will give you tons of information.  Here are all of the things you can find out about a food using this app:

  • Weight Watcher Points Plus – Now, it is not exact.  Weight Watchers would not let just anybody have the equation to figure out the Points Plus values.  It is pretty darn close though.  They will give you a number with a point 5.  My weight watcher leader said to just round down to the lower number and use that point value.
  • Nutritional Rating – The app will rate the food you scanned based on nutrition and give it a grade.  It will also tell you how many calories are in a serving and then give you the good and bad nutritional information along with the points.
  • Compare and Pick a better alternative – This app will let you compare two foods and see which one is better.  Then, it also gives you a healthier alternative.  This would be great to use in the grocery store when you are trying to decide which food to buy!

If you are an iPhone user, or have a smartphone of any kind, please check out this app.  The great news is-It’s Free!  So hurry and download it and get busy eating healthier.  Do you have any favorite apps for weight loss?  I am always looking for new ideas!  Let me know!

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