Fiber One Brownies – Review

If you are like me, you need something sweet every now and then.  For me, it is at lunchtime.  I know, I’m weird because it isn’t after dinner.  Weird is OK.  Anyway, back to the topic of the day.

Every day at lunch I need something sweet that is also low in Weight Watchers Points Plus.  To satisfy my craving, I choose Fiber One Brownies.

Fiber One Brownies

There are many benefits to these delicious squares of chocolaty goodness.

  • They are only 90 calories
  • Each bar is a piece of chocolate heaven – soft and moist!
  • Each bar has 20% of your daily allowance of fiber – 5 grams each!  This will keep you feeling full longer!
  • Two yummy flavors – Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Only 3 Points Plus for a very filling dessert.
  • They have them at Costco!  You can get a big ‘ole box for cheap, cheap!  That is where I purchased mine!
  • It is delicious!!!

There you have it!  All the reasons why I LOVE the new Fiber One Brownies.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention one.  If you have ever had a regular Fiber One bar, sometimes you have some “gaseous” after effects.  Well, these bars do not give you that terrible gas that some people get with Fiber One bars.  These are awesome.

What is your favorite low points plus dessert?  Are you like me?  Do you have dessert at lunch or dinner?  Try these Fiber One Brownies.  You will love them!

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