Chobani Greek Yogurt – Review

I first heard about Chobani Greek yogurt from a colleague who would eat it every day at lunch time.

Chobani Greek Yogurt

She said it was like her dessert. What?!? A yogurt you eat for dessert? I had to try it! The first time I tried it, I thought it was a little thick and not as sweet as the yogurt I was used to eating. But, after looking at the nutritional information and how much protein it had compared to the yogurt I was eating, I was hooked!

Chobani greek yogurt is not just ordinary yogurt. It has a lot more protein in it than regular yogurt. This means you will stay full longer. It also typically has the same number of points plus as other store brand light yogurts. Why not get more “bang for your buck” and eat the same number of Weight Watcher points plus while filling yourself up with more protein?
Chobani greek yogurt is a yogurt that can be found at most grocery stores. I buy mine at Costco due to the fact that it is pricey in the grocery store. At Costco, it comes in a three-flavor pack, strawberry, blueberry, and peach. I want to try some other flavors but be careful when calculating points plus because some flavors are higher than others. Do you have a food find that you like that takes the ordinary to extraordinary? Please share!

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