Top 10 Healthy Thanksgiving Weight Watchers Recipes

This past week at Weight Watchers we talked about Thanksgiving Survival Tips.  I decided to try and find ten recipes that are “Must-Makes” for this Thanksgiving.  I was looking for healthy alternatives to a full fat Thanksgiving meal.

I tried to think of a complete Thanksgiving meal from start to finish.  The easiest part is the turkey — no alternative needed!  Just try to eat white meat and you will have a protein packed meal!  The sides and desserts, well that is another story.

My dad's famous apple pie

Me and Dad making his famous apple pie!

Without further adieu, my top 10 Healthy Thanksgiving Weight Watchers Recipes – in the order in which I would eat them in my Thanksgiving meal!

To see the recipe, just click on the title!

Deviled Eggs –   One holiday must have is deviled eggs.  I love a good deviled egg.  The creaminess of the mayo along with the pepper make it a wonderful thing.  These eggs are 2 pp per serving and much healthier than regular deviled eggs!

Pumpkin Pie Dip –  Who doesn’t love a sweet dip with apples as a little starter before your meal?  This dip looks so divine and I have wanted to make it for quite some time.  It reminds me of that apple toffee dip that is so full of calories.  Yuumy!

Green Bean Casserole –  – What is Thanksgiving without a green bean casserole?  The crunchiness of the fried onions on top of the creamy casserole.  It’s a vegetable so it must be healthy, right?  Well, if you choose this recipe, you can have a whole  cup for only 3 Weight Watchers points plus!  Compare that to a cup of the full fat variety at 6 pp and you have a huge point savings!

Stuffing –   When I hear the word, “Stuffing,” I DO NOT think Stove Top!  I think of my dad’s white bread stuffing that is full of sage and butter that gets stuffed inside the turkey!  The best stuff EVER!  I found this recipe on the Weight Watchers site and it looked like a great alternative.  I certainly like the fact that I can have a serving for 3 points plus instead of 10!  The user reviews on this look great too!  I am going to try this one!

Sweet Potato Souffle –   Just thinking about sweet potato souffle, I can taste it.  The buttery goodness and the crunchy brown sugar topping!  Just thinking about it also makes me gain weight.  I found this recipe and it looks delicious!

Mashed Potatoes –  Who doesn’t love a big helping of mashed potatoes smothered in gravy?  Again, that just screams goodness!  This is a great alternative that won’t even need the gravy!  If you MUST have gravy…read on!

Gravy – This yummy portobello gravy is a great alternative to a full fat gravy.  The mushrooms add a nice meaty texture to add even more depth to a Thanksgiving meal.

Creamed Corn Casserole –  Mmmm…creamed corn!  I am from the south so you know I love some creamed corn made in the big cast iron skillet!  This casserole from Dashing Dish looks so cheesy and creamy, I don’t think I will miss the full fat from the other recipes! (RECIPE COMING THIS THANKSGIVING)

Pumpkin Pie –   Without a doubt, it is not thanksgiving for my husband if he doesn’t have a slice of pumpkin pie.  When I make this one, I bet he will not even be able to tell that it is lighter than the version he is used to.  Think I can fool him?  I can tell you one thing, his waist will thank me when I save him 3 points plus per serving!

Layered Apple Pie –  My dad’s apple pie competes with his stuffing.  When I was little, I used to call his pies the D-A-P’s.  It stood for Delicious Apple Pie.  To this day, my dad will still call it that!  A slice of traditional apple pie is a whopping 11 points plus.  Katie’s version of apple pie is only 4 points plus.  I also love that it is an individual pie so it is portion control at its finest!

I hope you will join me in trying some of these new recipes!  I have not yet had the chance to try these.  They all look delicious and I plan to but I thought they would be helpful for you in case you were also looking for some alternatives this year.

Have you tried any of these recipes?  What are your plans to eat healthier this Thanksgiving?

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